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Sailing in Turkey - Yacht Charter Aegean Sea

The Turkish Aegean is a beautiful sailing area with a long season and ideal weather conditions

Charter Area Turkey

Most Popular Yacht Charter Destinations

World's greatest Yacht Charter destinations across the globe! - Discover the best of your dream holiday destinations worldwide and check out our Top Travel Destinations for yacht charters! Whether it's motorboating in the Mediterranean or sailing the Caribbean, you'll be inspired by what you find.

Yacht Charter – With Houseboat, Sailboat, or Motor boat Around the World

Sailing holidays on your own boat: not just a dream

Do you dream of spending time on the high seas, with the wind in your hair and salty spray on your skin? Have you ever sat on the beach and been envious of the sailboats which glide in at their leisure and pull up anchor for the horizon when they’ve had enough? Or maybe something more peaceful for the family, slowly going down a river in a well furnished houseboat equipped with all the amenities of home, where the children can go for a swim while you sip a cocktail on the deck? You don’t have to just dream, YACHTICO.com has the boats to turn them into reality. With more than 15,000 boats worldwide, you can rent a motor boat in Greece, a sailing boat in Thailand, or a houseboat in France as simply as you can book a hotel online.

Yacht charter within your reach

You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a day or week on a boat! Check out the YACHTICO.com boat search, enter where the in the world you’d like to go, and explore the possibilities. Even if you can’t sail yourself, it’s easy for us to help you book a captain for your trip so you can just relax and enjoy the trip. Just try the online booking system, find the destination and boat you’d like to experience, and you’ll see how easy it is to get our discounted Yachtico.com prices and actually book your vacation on water. Our multilingual customer service is available round the clock to help with your trip planning if you have questions or special requests.

Yacht Charter Wiki - Help Center, Charter Guide, Checklisten, Charter Tips and Suggestions

Yacht Charter Guide

Yacht Charter Guide The Most Important Things to Know Before chartering a Yacht. Our yacht charter guide is designed to help you. How to organize your boating vacation. How to charter a boat. Where to go boating during summer and winter. Easy Boat Rentals Online with YACHTICO.com.

Recomended Charter Destinations

Yacht Charter Destinations
We recommend You Top Yacht Charter Destinations and fantastic Sailing Areas with more than 15,000 Great Charter Yachts Wordwide

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Sailboat, Motorboat, Catamaran, Houseboat
Bareboats or Crewed Yacht Charters - Sailboat, Motorboat, Catamaran, Houseboat - Easy Boat Rentals Online! We help you to choose the right Yacht.

Nautical Terminology & Lexicon

Nautical Terminology
Brush up on your nautical knowledge and make sure you know your port from your starboard before setting sail.

Checklists to Download

Yacht Charter Checklists
Good preparation is the key to plain sailing! Our checklists will make sure you have everything you need from your documents to your deck shoes. You can print them off here free of charge.

Yacht Charter Route Suggestions

Yacht Charter Route Suggestions
Whether it be Split in Croatia, Paros in Greece or Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, we have compiled some itinerary suggestions for your sailing holiday.

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Yacht charters for your perfect yachting holidays recommended by YACHTICO.com. Find and compare yachts by price and region. Whether its a family holiday aboard sailing catamaran in Greece, a party vacation on a sailboat in Croatia or ideal Caribbean Sea adventure on your chartered motor yacht - YACHTICO.com has it all - offering yacht charters worldwide for everyone at competitive prices.

Check out our most popular boat rentals below and book online today for your dream boating vacation.

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Press room - Media coverage of YACHTICO.com