Yacht Charter Guide Section


Whether you are a skilled seafarer or this is your first sailing trip, our yacht charter guide is designed to help you get the most out your experience from start to finish.
Find out exactly what to do, and how to organize your boating vacation.

Yacht Charter Step by step

If you are planning to charter a boat but are unsure of which type of boat to choose, where to go and how to go about it - check out our step by step guide. Our frequently asked questions may also be useful.

Step by Step - My first charter
Choosing the right boat
Rent a boat with or without crew
How to charter a boat on YACHTICO
Where to go boating during summer and winter?
 Top Yachting Vacation Destinations
Visa Requirements

For the skipper

Brush up on your nautical knowledge and make sure you know your port from your starboard before setting sail. You can also find information on boat licensing and managing the sailing responsibilities.

German Boat Licensing
International Boat Licensing
Houseboat Licensing
Nautical Lexicon
Nautical Control Panel
Sea Weather Forecast
Your Charter Contract
Insurance for Yacht Charter
Skippers Liability Insurance


Yacht Charter Boats Worldwide

With more than 16,000 bareboat and crewed yachts for rental is YACHTICO.com the No.1 in the Yacht Charter Market. Our Charter Yachts are bookable easy and directly online. You can select from:

Charter Boats by Continent
Africa - Yacht Charter Boats in Africa
Asia - Yacht Charter Boats in Asia
Australia - Yacht Charter Boats in Australia
Europe - Yacht Charter Boats in Europe
North America - Yacht Charter Boats in North America
South America - Yacht Charter Boats in South America

Yacht Charter by Ocean
Atlantic Ocean - Yacht Charter in the Atlantic
Pacific Ocean - Yacht Charter in the Pacific
Indian Ocean - Yacht Charter in the Indian Ocean

Yacht Charter by Water Region
Baltic Sea - Yacht Charter on the Baltic Sea
Mediterranean Sea - Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean
Black Sea - Yacht Charter on the Black Sea
North Sea - Yacht Charter on the North Sea
Inland Waters - Charter Boats on the Inland Waters

Stay safe on board

Make sure everyone on board has a healthy, happy holiday. Learn how to look after each other at sea, and inform yourself of any necessary medical requirements.

Children on board
Seasickness on board
First aid kit
In case of emergency
Medical Requirements

Yacht Charter Checklists

Good preparation is the key to plain sailing! Our checklists will make sure you have everything you need from your documents to your deck shoes. You can print them off here free of charge.

Checklists for your next boating trip

Itinerary suggestions

Have you chosen a region but need a little help planning your route? Whether it be Split in Croatia, Paros in Greece or Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, check out our route suggestions.

Route Suggestion Bahamas
Route Suggestion Split to Dubrovnik
Route Suggestion: Côte d’Azur
Route Suggestion: The Ionian Islands
Route Suggestion: The Gothenburg Archipelago
Overview: Yacht Charter Route Suggestions