Charter a Yacht - Sail Around Portugal's Silver Coast

Stop by Stop along Portugal's Coast

  1. Lisbon
  2. Cascais
  3. Peniche & The Berlenga Islands
  4. Figueria do Foz
  5. Aveiro
  6. Porto


Portugal's Coast by Boat

Explore the Portuguese coast by boat. Sail from Lisbon and see Cascais, Peniche, Figueria do Foz, and Porto. The Portuguese silver coast has a varied landscape that contains historic towns and fishing villages as well as beautiful beaches and bays. You can begin your trip from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon to take in the vibrant city and gothic architecture before setting sail. After Lisbon, it is worth stopping at the seaside town and fishing port of Cascais, where there is a relaxed, laid back atmosphere and you can visit a beautiful Moorish castle that overlooks the town. Further up the coast you can sail to the nearby Berlenga Islands off Peniche which have some wonderful scuba diving spots. Further north you will reach Figueira do Foz, nicknamed Rainha das Prairas in Portuguese, meaning ‘Queen of beaches’, to relax on the large stretches of sand. Stopping at Aveiro up the coast, you can take a boat trip on moliceiros through the canals of the old town. Some fantastic beaches can be found in the Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia area. There are numerous well equipped marinas along the coast and many ports.

Sailing Conditions

Important for sailors: This is an exposed sea area that experiences strong winds, there is a tidal range of around 3 meters and large swells can occur. It is advised to sail during the summer months and to always pay careful attention to the conditions.

Marinas along the way

  • Doca de Alcantara Marina
  • Marina de Cascais
  • Peniche Marina
  • Marina de Figueira do Foz
  • Forte da Barra vista da Marina


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