Sailing around Key West, Florida

It's time to grab your hat, your sunscreen and head out to the United States sunshine state - Florida! Widely known for beautiful beaches, sub-tropical climates and fantastic sailing conditions, you will begin your charter in Key West marina and explore the Florida Keys, enjoying a number of sights along the way!

  1. Key West
  2. Marquesa Keys
  3. Garden Key
  4. Fort Jefferson
  5. Loggerhead Key
  6. Dry Tortugas
  7. Key West

Start your evening preparing for your journey in Key West and visit the nearby grocery stores to stock up on food for your journey. Before retiring to your boat for the evening, enjoy some dinner at the local restaurants and take a tour of the city by night. In the morning, set sail through the West channel, staying south of Man Key, Woman Key and Boca Grande.
As you approach the southern tip of the Marquesas Keys, the best anchorage is west of the islands, particularly if the prevailing southeast winds are blowing. Enjoy some sport fishing throughout the afternoon and delight in your freshly caught seafood dinner.
Depart the Marquesas in the morning and continue your westerly course of the Floriday Keys to Garden Key, where you will find safest anchorages on the south and east coastlines. Relax upon the beaches and enjoy the second largest island of the group. Dinghy ashore to explore the famous Fort Jefferson and Lighthouse snorkel around the sea wall which creates a "moat" between the fort and the sea, and is brimming with fish.
From Garden Key, t
ake a day trip over to Loggerhead Key. This is a great place to explore and go snorkeling. It is recommended that you *don't* anchor here overnight and instead return to Garden Key to anchor for the evening. The anchorage at Loggerhead is east of the island just off the light in the center. From here you can dinghy ashore and walk around the island or dinghy around the southern tip to the reefs off the western side of Loggerhead Key.
Easily accessed from Garden Key, you can also s
pend another day or two relaxing and enjoying the Dry Tortugas. Bush Key is protected bird Sanctuary and during nesting season it is interesting to dinghy slowly around the island Observing the bird life ashore and all the sea life in the shallow water. 
Into the final two days of your trip, it is recommended that you begin your charter back to Key West. Plan on making a stop again at the Marquesas on the way back especially during the winter time when there are limited day light hours. If you make an early start and are making excellent time, you may be able to make it back to Key West on the same day. 


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