1 Week Itinerary on Saronic Gulf - Starting from Alimos | ROUTE SUGGESTIONS – GREECE

Embark on an incredible adventure between the islands of Greece’s Saronic Gulf. Enjoy the rich ancient history and brilliant sailing conditions of Alimos, Aegina, Epidavros, Hydra, Nafplio, Spetses, and Poros.

  1. Alimos – Spend the day at the beach before setting sail.
  2. Aegina – Visit one of the island's famous seafood taverns and explore the village.
  3. Epidauros - Take a step back into history, tour an archeological museum.
  4. Hydra – Stroll around this remote island and explore its famous nightlife.
  5. Nafplio – Take photos of the islands beautiful ancient architecture.
  6. Spetses - Enjoy the beautiful beaches and festivals
  7. Poros - Visit the clock tower and relax at the harbor.
  8. Return to Alimos


The Saronic Gulf is one of the greatest places to take a sailing trip, whether you are an experienced sailor or a first-time skipper. We suggest you begin your trip in Alimos. Named as one of the largest marinas in Greece, Alimos is located about 9 miles southwest of Athens city center, 5 miles south of Piraeus port and 18 miles from El Venizelos International Airport. It provides several transportation services such as trams, buses, and taxis, located outside the marina. We suggest you set sail from Alimos to Aegina, one of the most sought after tourist destinations. This island is perfect for sun lovers, spend the day on the islands crystalline beaches and therapeutic waters. From there, sail only 16 miles to your next stop in Epidauros. Ancient Epidaurus is one of the most important archeological sites of the country. It is famous their Ancient Theatre that dates back to the fourth century BC. There are also many lovely beach villages and charming seafood restaurants. Afterward, we then suggest that you set sail to the Island of Hydra, only 30 nautical miles away. Here we suggest that you explore the harbor which is considered the most beautiful port in the Saronic Gulf. This island is unique because cars are prohibited. This remote island is known for its famous nightlife, restaurants and traditional architecture. After that, we suggest you visit Nafplio, one of the most romantic cities in the country. While you are there, we recommend that you visit the heart of the city, Syntagma Square. Here you can admire famous historical buildings and monuments. The Palamidi Castle is also a site that can be discovered by those who love the outdoors. To reach it, you must climb 999 steps made of carved rock. We promise the view from the top is certainly worth the climb! The castle stands 216 meters above sea level and is drenched in history. From there, we suggest you sail to the island of Spetses which is only 25 nautical miles away. Spetses has a distinguished history due to its role in the Greek war for independence. This island has a nightlife that is considered superior to all other islands, lined with stylish boutiques and modern cafes. We suggest that on one of your final day’s sailing you visit the charming town of Poros. While entering the port, you will get a magnificent view of the city’s famous clock tower. Additional attractions include the archeological museum and the ruins of a famous Russian naval base.


Sailing Conditions

The Saronic Islands have excellent year-round sailing conditions due to their protected spot in the Saronic Gulf sheltering them from the strong northern winds that surround Greece. The islands traditionally have a Mediterranean climate, which consists of having hot, dry summers and wet, mild winter seasons. Summer has a traditional daily temperature of around 25°C and rarely drops below 20°C at its coldest. Spring and Autumn are still warm but less humid. Winter is when there is the highest rainfall, averaging about 12 rainy days per month and temperatures no lower than 15°C. We suggest that you visit the Saronic islands during the Summer season due to the ideal water temperature, long sunny days and calm evenings./span>



  • Alimos Marina, Alimos
  • Agia Marina Beach, Aegina
  • Port Palaia, Epidauros
  • Mandraki-Hydra Marina, Hydra
  • Nafplion Harbour, Nafplio
  • Balttiza Creek Marina, Spetses
  • Poros Marina, Poros      



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