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Yacht Vacation Destinations

We recommend the most popular Yacht Vacation Destinations and Sailing Regions Worldwide. You will find information on the climate, sailing conditions and attractions in each place. We have yacht charter boats around the globe.

Seasonal Charter Guide

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January, February & March

At the beginning of the year the sailing season is well under way in The Bahamas, The Caribbean, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. It is also possible to sail in the subtropical climate of the Canary Islands during this time.

April & May

Mediterranean countries experience long summers and the sailing season often begins in April. Good conditions can be found in: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The Balearic Islands, Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia and Malta. Spring is also a wonderful time to charter a boat in: Thailand, Malaysia, The Caribbean, The Seychelles and The Canary Islands.

June, July & August

European and Mediterranean locations are at their finest during the summer months. Even places in the North and the Baltic Sea such as: France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland or the North Sea can be pleasant for a Yacht Vacation.

September & October

September and October can be excellent months to experience the beauty of Mediterranean and Southern European countries, the weather is warm, and some may find the temperatures more comfortable than during midsummer. For boat rental we recommend: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, The Balearic Islands, Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia, Malta and The Canary Islands.

November & December

While November and December can be the coldest, darkest months of the year over in Europe, plenty of countries nearer to the equator have higher temperatures and calm seas. It is possible to sail in Thailand, Malaysia and The Seychelles during November, and sailing season in The Caribbean and The Bahamas begins in December after the hurricane season. Australia and New Zealand also begin to experience good weather at this time.

Itinerary & Route Suggestions

Still haven’t decided which holiday destination to sail from or marina from which you want to charter a yacht? We have here a few tour and itinerary suggestions for you to look through and be inspired by in case you still need ideas for your next sailing holiday – whether it be a trip with a motorboat or a leisurely cruise with a houseboat. You can charter a yacht in a varied selection of marinas. You can park your yacht in a location with video surveillance, and sometimes on-site transfer is even included in the service of the marina. Yacht marinas are also often equipped with sanitary facilities, gas stations, shipyards for maintenance, restaurants, grocery stores, and have Internet.

Route suggestions for the Atlantic Ocean

Route suggestions for the Atlantic Ocean

Route Suggestion Canary Islands - Sailing around the Canary Islands

Route Suggestion Portugal - Sailing in the Algarve

Route Suggestion Florida – Explore the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic

Route suggestions for the Indian Ocean

Route suggestions for the Indian Ocean

Route Suggestion Thailand – Sailing in the Andaman Sea

Route suggestions for the Pacific Ocean

Route Suggestion Whidbey Island – Sail along the Fort Ebey State Park

Route Suggestion Whidbey Island – Sail along the Fort Ebey State Park

Route Suggestion Bay of Islands – Sailing along the coast of New Zealand

Route Suggestion Whitsunday Islands – Sailing along the australian coast

Route suggestions for the Caribbean Sea

Route Suggestions for the Caribbean Sea

Route Suggestion Bahamas – Sailing around the Abaco Islands

Route Suggestion Guadeloupe – Sailing in the Caribbean

Route Suggestion Tortola – Sailing along the British Virgin Islands

Route Suggestion St Vincent & The Grenadines – Sail along the Caribbean Islands

Route Suggestion Saint Martin - Caribbean

Route suggestions for the North Sea

Route Suggestions for the North Sea

Route Suggestion Ijsselmeer – Sail in dutch waters

Route Suggestion Sweden – Sail along the Gothenburg Archipelago

Route suggestions for the Baltic Sea

Route Suggestions for the Baltic Sea

Route Suggestion Sweden – Sail in the Stockholm Archipelago

Route suggestions for Inland Waters

Route Suggestions for Inland Waters

Route Suggestion Poland – Boating in the Vistula Werder

Route Suggestion Havelland – Boating along Berlin and Brandenburg

Route Suggestion Berlin – Boating along the german capital

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Please find below a few itinery suggestions for your sailing vacation in the Mediterranean Sea

Suggestions for the Balearic Islands

Route suggestions for the Balearic Islands

Route Suggestion Ibiza – Sailing around the Balearic Island

Route Suggestion Majorca – Sailing around the Balearic Island

Route Suggestion Menorca – Sailing around the Balearic Island

Suggestions for Croatia

Route suggestions for Croatia

Route Suggestion Split and Dubrovnik – Sail along the croatian coast

Route Suggestion Istria – Sail along the peninsula in the Adriatic

Route Suggestion Kornati Islands – Sail along the Adriatic

Suggestions for France

Route suggestions for France

Route Suggestion Corsica – Sail around the mediterranean island

Route Suggestion Côte d’Azur – Sailing along the Mediterranean coast

Route Suggestion: Along the Canal du Midi in France

Suggestions for Greece

Route Suggestions for Greece

Route Suggestion Cyclades – Sail around the Greek Islands

Route Suggestion Dodecanese – Sail around the Greec Islands

Route Suggestion Ionian Islands – Sailing around the Greec Islands

Route Suggestion Northern Sporades – Sailing around the Greec Islands

Suggestions for Italy

Route Suggestions for Italy

Route Suggestion Sardinia – Sail along the Maddalena National Park

Route Suggestion Naples – Sail along the Amalfi Coast

Route Suggestion Sicily – Sail along the Aeolian Islands

Route Suggestion Tuscany – Sail along the Tuscan Archipelago National Park

Suggestions for the Montenegro

Route Suggestions for Montenegro

Route Suggestion Montenegro – Sail along the the Bay of Kotor

Suggestions for Turkey

Route Suggestions for Turkey

Sail along the Turkish Riviera

Route Suggestion Western Turkish Riviera – Sail along the Aegean Sea

Route Suggestion Bodrum – Sail along the Aegean coast



The choices are endless for you to find the perfect hired boat for just a few hours as a day charter, a couple days as a time charter, or a charter for weeks on the water in order to experience the special feeling of livng on a boat. Hire a yacht for a party or event, host some networking opportunities, sail for sport without any limits, have a relaxing holiday, or have a completely private experience – the choice is yours.

Business people or successful young entrepreneurs may prefer to travel at higher speeds and therefore to charter one of many motorboats available for a fun daytrip or to experience the luxury of a mega yacht with a skipper, crew and all the extras for an unforgettable week or two at sea.

A regatta sailor might want to hire a catamaran and experience sailing with friends for the first time, working the sails and dinghy a bit like in the America’s Cup, with hard wind blowing and testing out a higher Beaufort scale.
A friend of nature may want a more relaxing holiday, in which case chartering a houseboat with a partner vacation season could be the way to go. With calmer waters, this sort of holiday is also perfect for an entire family including small children. This is a popular online rental because houseboats often require no boating license for the driver. As of a few years ago, houseboat charters throughout Europe have been largely allowed without a boat license, which has made sailing holidays with children even more popular.
For the sailing enthusiast who has all different types of sailing licenses, booking a sailboat on a Riviera will test your abilities and challenge you to sail your hardest.
If you don’t find the right boat in our search and booking engine for immediate hire for your sailing cruise, wedding at sea, or other event on the water, you can easily book by emailing Yachtico.com or by calling the 24-hour support line. You wouldn’t believe what all we can accomplish. Just contact us with your special requests! We have experts worldwide who have enough experience to make your wishes for your holiday be realized.

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