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Choosing the right boat is easy when you use YACHTICO.com There are some key steps you should follow to make sure you get the perfect charter boat for your needs.

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Whether you want to go by sailboat, motorboat, houseboat or catamaran, we have put together the information for all types of boats to make the decision easier for you so you can have a sailing holiday you’ll never forget.

Sailboat Charter - Sailing Yacht Rental - Sailing Vacation

Sailboat Charter - Sailing Yacht Rentals - Sailing Vacation

Though primarily operated by the wind in the sails, larger sailboats are also often equipped with a motor. Having a motor makes it easier to maneuver the boat within a port, and allows you to continue your sailing vacation even if there is no wind blowing.

Sailboats over ten meters (33 feet) long are called sailing yachts. Among sailing boats, the main deciding factor is usually between the stable design form of dinghies or the weight stability of keelboats. The latter are less likely to capsize and are therefore more common on the open ocean, while dinghies are usually used on smaller inland waters due to their shallow bodies.

Sailboats are traditionally built from wood and then painted with a protective lacquer, but more and more the hatches are being constructed out of steel, aluminum and fiberglass, or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic.

Sailboat Charter - Sailing Yacht Rentals - Sailing Vacation

Sailboats are propelled by the pressure of wind on the sails and the airflow around them. To operate the boat and control which direction it is sailing, various rope lines are used, and the larger the boat, the more of those lines are needed. The lines are gathered in the cockpit of the boat for easy accessibility. Despite this, there are some challenges: in older boats it is necessary to be directly over the mast when catching up the sails, which is very difficult and dangerous to manage while out at sea. It is therefore recommended for beginners to always hire an experienced crew to man the boat, and to then learn the ways of sailing from the ground up.

Most popular Sailboats for Yacht Vacation

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Motor Boat - Motoryacht - Powerboat- crusing on chartered motoryacht

Motorboat Rentals

The majority of motorboats are propelled by one or more internal combustion engine, but electric motors are also being increasingly used. The first motorboats were constructed in France and Germany, with the pioneering work achieved by Gottlieb Daimler and presented at the end of 1886 to the wider public. 22 years later, at the summer Games in London, motorboat racing was already an Olympic sport.

In addition to normal motorboats that are used for sport, there are some in which you can also sleep and spend a holiday. These are generally known as motor yachts. A differentiation is made in the design of these two types of motorboats, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. In a standard motorboat, the displacement device moves forward to displace the water mass to its own weight.

To reach its top speed, the displacer does not need a large engine and is therefore quite economical to use. Motor yachts that are 18 meters (59 feet) and larger in length are built primarily as displacers themselves.

The other design principle is called a glider. The glider is notably lighter than a displacement device motorboat and can therefore achieve a greater hull speed. Motorboats are a popular choice for yacht charters, both on inland waters and on the open sea. Within Germany, motorboats can be driven up to 15 PS even without a license to drive sport boats. It is essential, however, to find out during your planning stages where exactly boating licenses are and are not required.

Large Sailing and Motor Yachts
Motor Yachts Charter - Luxury Crewed Yachts

A boat is called a yacht if it is above a certain length. A sailing vessel up to seven meters (23 feet) long is referred to as a boat, but often when it has reached over ten meters (33 feet) it is then called a yacht. Besides the length, yachts also typically include at least one deck and a small cabin.

Yachts up to 17 meters (56 feet) in length and with multiple cabins are typical in European coastal waters. The longest private yacht in the world is 180 meters (590 feet) long and is owned by a Saudi Arabian prince.

The difference between a sailing yacht and a motor yacht is most obviously seen in the ways they are propelled. Previously made primarily of wood, modern yachts are built exclusively with carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. They can be out to sail for days or weeks without needing to stop at a port, and are appropriately supplied with kitchen equipment, beds, toilets, and standard tools.

Larger yachts should always be run by an experienced crew, providing you not only with the extra safety of people who know exactly how the yacht works, but also the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy ultimate luxury on the high seas.

Catamaran - Sailing Catamaran - Power Cat - perfect holiday on chartered catamaran

Catamaran RentalsThe special feature of a catamaran is its two hulls, which are connected to each other with a deck. The etymology of the word means, “boat from tied tree trunks”, and even the Romans are said to have used this type of boat on their conquests.

The most striking part of a catamaran’s appearance is its enormous width in contrast to that of other boats, as well as the relatively light weight in comparison to its size. This pairing results in an enormous advantage in terms of stability and speed. These features, which minimize seasickness, as well as the extra comfort of a catamaran, make these yachts appealing for longer journeys at sea.

These days there are classic sailing catamarans as well as motorized catamarans. The latter boats are mainly used for travel and industry, because they can provide safety in rocky waters and can travel quickly from one place to another. There are even solar catamarans, an environmentally friendly option, which are powered only by solar energy.

For yacht charters, sailing catamarans are the most popular choice. They are very lightweight, fast, and with the double hull, they offer significantly more space on board than other types of yachts. People also usually go for the catamaran because they are more stable on the water, and can be more easily steered than sailboats of comparable size.

Houseboat - Canalboat - Floating Caravans - House boat charter holiday

Blaues Paradies_Hausboot1_Fotonachweis TMB-Fotoarchiv © Claus-Dieter Steyer

Houseboats are also fondly referred to as floating caravans. Houseboats are essentially motorboats that have been specially constructed for a longer holiday on the water. They are therefore designed for both living and as a means of transportation. Anyone who uses a houseboat for a holiday sees his or her destination in a special and unique way.

Houseboats can be rented mostly on inland waterways and lakes, and can easily be manned by people with no sailing experience. Nevertheless, it should be noted that for a planned houseboat vacation, the boater must be an adult and undergo comprehensive training before the start of the journey.

After these preparations, there is nothing standing in the way of you having a fun trip on this comfortable houseboat that will charm everyone on board. Houseboats available for charter often have space for up to twelve people, but there are vessels available in all sizes and variations. Whether you want a sunroof or a second steering position, the selection is huge. This is also true for the availability of luxurious amenities. Showers, toilets, heat, hot water, refrigerators, and fully equipped kitchens with stoves are also possibilities and can easily increase the enjoyment of your vacation.

On the navigation chart, you can quickly locate the places in which you can refill the water supply on your houseboat. The fuel is normally sufficient for up to three weeks of your pleasant journey.

You should note…

  • Your sailing experience is highly respected, but keep in mind that hubris has often led to unpleasant accidents and the premature end to a holiday. When in doubt, hire a crew for your vacation and refresh your skills under the direction of the professionals on board.
  • Bigger is not always better – beginner sailors should hire a smaller boat no more than nine meters (30 feet) in length. Boats of this size are not only easier to control, but also, above all, safer. Think about your health and safety and those of your children, friends and family on board.
  • Don’t overdo it. It isn’t a bad thing if you don’t achieve the entire first portion of your route on the first day. You can continue on tomorrow. Don’t sail at night or when you are tired. It is much more important to relax and get better each step of the way than to overdo it at the beginning.
  • Make sure there is enough space. Things can quickly get tight and hectic onboard, especially if you have planned a longer cruise. Even if your hired yacht can officially fit ten people, often the space is then most comfortable for just six.
  • It doesn’t cost anything to ask questions. Regardless of where you are in your holiday planning stages – planning, about to depart, or already on the water – sailors are warm-hearted people and always helpful. Have questions about the booking or your planned route? Don’t hesitate to ask at any time for help from YACHTICO.com, the professional leader of the boat charter worldwide, the person from whom you have chartered your yacht or have a look at our Yacht charter FAQ.

Safe travels!

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