SAILBOAT, MOTORYACHT, MOTORBOAT or CATAMARAN - Which charter boat is the best choice?

Choosing the right boat is easy when you use There are some key steps you should follow to make sure you get the perfect charter boat for your needs.

We have more then 16,000 charter boats you can choose from. Sailing Catamaran for Family Vacations or Event Yacht Charter, Motoryacht for party charter - demise or bareboat charter, Sailing yacht for boating with larger group - you will find the perfect yacht for your boating holiday on easily.

Whether you want to go by sailboat, motorboat, houseboat or catamaran, we have put together the information for all types of boats to make the decision easier for you so you can have a sailing holiday you’ll never forget.


Catamaran Rentals

If you are looking for a more luxurious vacation option, relaxing, comfortable, specious or if you are traveling with small kids, than the catamaran charter would best suite your needs.

▶ first preference for large groups

▶ perfect for yacht vacations with kids

▶ more stable than sailboats

▶ designed with space and comfort in mind

▶ luxurious vacation choice

Experience an unforgettable yachting with your family and friends aboard a CHARTER CATAMARAN and book your vacation today!

Catamarans are the most popular boats for charters worldwide. Often the first preference for large groups. Designed with space and comfort in mind, catamarans are the luxurious vacation choice for a holiday at sea. Catamarans are more stable in choppy waters than sailboats are and so are safer for traveling with younger passengers. offers the largest selection of Catamaran rentals for yacht vacation which you are able to book directly online in a multitude of destinations, worldwide. Depends on what your needs are you can choose from small 2 cabin sailing catamarans, 6+ cabins large family sized catamarans (where you can accommodate up to 12 people) or luxury crewed catamaran for your yacht vacation package.

Sailboat Charter - Sailing Yacht Rentals - Sailing Vacation


For those looking to have a exciting sailing charter holiday on a budget, sailboats are the best way to go.

▶ first preference for group of friends

▶ require a bit of sailing experience and skills

▶ exciting, adventurous environment

▶ holiday on a budget

The choice is yours; book easy online a cozy SAILBOAT CHARTER for a romantic getaway or hire a luxury sailing yacht for the entire family and enjoy great sailing holiday experience!

Sailing boats are the most widely available boats for charter on and typically cheaper than other boat types. Charter a sailing yacht, can cost up to 300 EUR (~400 USD) less than rent a catamaran of a comparable size. Sailboats create an exciting, adventurous environment, but a sailing cruise on the water can also be quite relaxing experience if you have a fairly windless day.

The sailboat’s mono-hull design can require a good bit of sailing experience and skill, depending on the boat’s size and the waters on which you want to sail. Once you have selected the bareboat charter, find out which boating license you need or if you go for crewed charter, let us know that you like to hire a skipper and we will organize everything for you.

Motorboat Rentals


Motorboats can cover a greater area of water in a shorter amount of time, are suitable for any weather and for any kind of crew.

▶ easier to maneuver into harbours

▶ perfect for fans of speed

▶ powered by engines / do not rely on winds

▶ you can travel larger distances quickly and easily

▶ motorboating is suitable for any kind of crew

Check out our great selection on BAREBOAT AND SKIPPERED MOTORYACHTS and get fantastic deal on your next holiday - book your yacht vacation online today!

Motor boats are the best way to charter areas that have very little wind or swell as they do not require sails to propel them. As they are powered by engines alone and do not rely on winds for further movement. They also tend to be easier to maneuver into harbours and require less overall effort to charter. Motorboats are a popular choice for yacht charters, both on inland waters and on the open sea. For those who would like to see as much as possible of their selected vacation destination in a shorter amount of time and fans of speed - hiring a motorboat is definitely the best option. offers one of the largest selection of motor boats and motor yachts for charter holidays worldwide. Whether it is a small cosy cabin motorboat, a large luxury motor yacht or a powerboat for the cruising trip.

Houseboat Vacation - Blaues Paradies_Hausboot1 © Claus-Dieter Steyer



▶ very popular option for families

▶ easy to rent and easy to manage

▶ no sailing experience required

▶ constructed for a longer holiday on inland waterways, lakes


Houseboating is the best option for Family Vacation as it is relatively easy to rent an houseboat as these vessels can be rented without a licence.

Houseboats can be rented mostly on inland waterways and lakes, and can easily be managed by people with no sailing experience. Nevertheless, it should be noted that for a planned houseboat vacation, the boater must be an adult and undergo comprehensive training before the start of the journey.

Houseboats are essentially motorboats that have been specially constructed for a longer holiday on the water. They are therefore designed for both - living and as a means of transportation. Anyone who uses a houseboat for a holiday sees his or her destination in a special and unique way.

Houseboats available for charter often have space for up to 12 people, but there are vessels available in all sizes and variations. Whether you want a sunroof or a second steering position, the selection is huge. This is also true for the availability of luxurious amenities. Showers, toilets, heat, hot water, refrigerators, and fully equipped kitchens with stoves are also possibilities and can easily increase the enjoyment of your vacation.

We are constantly searching for house boats and canal boats for hire to provide you the best offer for water holidays with your family and friends. Check out our amazing houseboat rentals online and book your holiday right away!


Considering to charter a boat you should note…

  • Your sailing experience is highly respected, but keep in mind that hubris has often led to unpleasant accidents and the premature end to a holiday. When in doubt, hire a crew for your vacation and refresh your skills under the direction of the professionals on board.

  • Bigger is not always better – beginner sailors should hire a smaller boat no more than nine meters (30 feet) in length. Boats of this size are not only easier to control, but also, above all, safer. Think about your health and safety and those of your children, friends and family on board.

  • Don’t overdo it. It isn’t a bad thing if you don’t achieve the entire first portion of your route on the first day. You can continue on tomorrow. Don’t sail at night or when you are tired. It is much more important to relax and get better each step of the way than to overdo it at the beginning.

  • Make sure there is enough space. Things can quickly get tight and hectic onboard, especially if you have planned a longer cruise. Even if your hired yacht can officially fit ten people, often the space is then most comfortable for just six.

  • It doesn’t cost anything to ask questions. Regardless of where you are in your holiday planning stages – planning, about to depart, or already on the water – sailors are warm-hearted people and always helpful.
    Have questions about the booking or your planned route? Don’t hesitate to ask at any time for help from or have a look at our yacht charter FAQ.


Safe travels!


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