Yacht Charter Guide - Yacht Charter How-To


Yacht Charter 101 - First Time Chartering a Yacht? Start Here!

Take the Yacht Charter 101 crash course to brush up on the basics of planning a yacht charter. If this is your first time chartering a yacht, the process might seem as foreign as any of the thousands of charter locations YACHTICO has to offer. Planning your charter vacation truly is as easy as booking a hotel room. First you’ll need to establish the travel basics: the where, when, what, who & how.

Whether you are a skilled seafarer or this is your first sailing trip, our yacht charter guide is designed to help you get the most out your experience from start to finish. Make sure everyone on board has a healthy, happy holiday. Learn how to look after each other at sea, and inform yourself of any necessary medical requirements. Good preparation is the key to plain sailing! Find out exactly what to do, and how to organize your boating vacation.

Yacht Charter Basics

  1. Where: Your Travel Destination
  2. When: Travel Dates
  3. What: Bareboat or Crewed Charter
  4. Who: Headcount
  5. How: The Best Yacht for Your Charter


If you are planning to charter a boat but are unsure how to go about it - check out our step by step charter guide.
If you have the basics sorted out, learn how to book a yacht online here.


Travel Destination - Where to go on Sailing Vacation

Booking your yacht charter with YACHTICO is easy. Deciding where in the world to sail… maybe not so much. We provide service in over 2,000 seaside locations worldwide. For this reason, deciding where to travel is often the toughest part of planning a charter vacation. For a little inspiration, check out our  Top Yachting Vacation Destinations or browse YACHTICO’s global sailing destinations in 41 different countries here

Travel Dates - When do you like to go on Sailing Vacation

Travel dates are important to consider in the booking process because some destinations are seasonal. Charters in the Mediterranean Sea are most popular between April and October, whereas Caribbean Sea charters are most popular from November to April. High Season and Low Season for Yacht Charter are weather-based, but this is also reflected in the charter pricing.
For more information please see YACHTICO’s Seasonal Charter Guide

Bareboat or Crewed Charter

In charter terms, “bareboat” refers to the hiring of a boat without a crew. Bareboat charters are for qualified sailors wishing to skipper a chosen vessel. Crewed charters are bareboats with any one or more of the following hired crew members: captain, cook and/or hostess. Whether you are bringing your Skipper aboard or hiring a crew, feel free to book a bareboat. Crew-hire is available for all of YACHTICO’s charter yachts.
For more information check Rent a Yacht with or without Crew

Headcount - Passengers on Board

How many passengers will be on the boat? All yachts have a strict capacity limit. It is always advised to overestimate the total number of passengers, rather than underestimate. Please keep in mind when selecting cabins that hired-crew members are entitled to their own sleeping quarters and access to a restroom facility.

Boat Type - Which Best fit Your Needs

At this stage, you don’t even need to decide on which type of boat to charter. In fact, if you don’t yet have a boat preference, viewing the layouts of individual yachts might help you to determine the specific boat that will best fit your needs.


Checklists, Itinerary Suggestions, FAQ, Charter Documents

Yacht Charter FAQ FAQ
Checklists for Boating Trip Checklists and Charter Documents for your Boating Trip

Itinerary Suggestions Itinerary: Yacht Charter Route Suggestions


Organize your Boating Vacation - Charter Wiki for the Skipper

Brush up on your nautical knowledge and make sure you know your port from your starboard before setting sail. You can also find information on boat licensing and managing the sailing responsibilities.

Important Informations for Skipper

Boat Licensing

Which license is required when chartering a boat in Germany? German Boat Licensing
International Boat Licensing International Boat Licensing
Houseboat Licensing Houseboat Licensing

Important Informations for Skipper

Nautical Terminology, Weather

Nautical Lexicon Nautical Lexicon
Nautical Control Panel Nautical Control Panel
Sea Weather Forecast Sea Weather Forecast

Visa and Insurance

Visa and Insurance

Skipper Liability Insurance Skippers Liability Insurance
Insurance for Yacht Charter Insurance for Yacht Charter
Visa Requirements Visa Requirements

Safety on the Yacht

Safety 1st

Children on board Children on Board
Seasickness on board Seasickness on board
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit
In case of Emergency In case of Emergency
Medical Requirements Medical Requirements