Route Suggestion Greece Islands - Itineraries for Crete

Greece has an estimate of somewhere between 1,200 to 6,000 islands depending on the minimum size, and around 160 to 230 inhabited islands. Classified into six unique groups, with the largest 60 miles (100km) wide, one can get some serious island hopping done. Having the option to going many different places while not traveling to far, the Greece Islands are an attractive place for a yachter to travel. 

  1. Crete 
  2. Cyclades
  3. Dodecanese
  4. Ionian
  5. Saronic
  6. Sporades


Crete is the largest and most propular of the Greece Islands, being one of the cultural hearts and retaining earliest records of civilization in Europe. Containing no dangerous or poisionous anaimals unlike other Greece Islands & being separted from any mainland, Crete is a great place to observe rare animals. Cyclades, which is divided into 27 small islands, has history dating back to the Late Neolithic and Early Broze Ages. Along with it's vast history it also contains the sacred island of Delos, one of the most important mythlogical sites in Greece. Dodecanese, a group of 150 smaller islands and only 27 inhabited, is one of the prime places to islands hop. They have dozens of old chrucehs, medieval castles, port cities, and local cuisines. Ionian offers variety to your sailing with having less islands than other regions and also having some inland places to explore. This makes Ionian a great location for fishing, snorkeling, exploring the inland, going to bars & resturants, shops & tavernas, and a chance to travel along the bays. Just want to sail and see the marvoulous view of Athens by sea, then heading to Saronic is for you. Saronic has clean & calm waters, one of the best sailing spots of the Greece Islands, and is home of some of the more popular Islands to visit on your adventure. Sporades is also one of the smaller regions with 24 islands, 4 permanently inhabited. Still having much to do and being a great place to visit for the family. Having attractions that range form the biggest seal population, pony rides in the Skyros forest, and viewing the places where the film "Mama Mia" was filmed.


Sailing Conditions

Located in the Mediterranean Greece Islands experience mild weather, which include rainy winters and dry summers. In the summer & on land they have occasional showers, thunderstorms, and mild heatwaves. If sailing it's cooler and paired with a relaxing sea breeze. The winter climate, during November to February, ranges from 66 to 45 F (12 to 7 C). Making May to September the optimal time to visit the Greece Islands. 



      Aegean Sea

  • Kos Marina
  • Lakki Marina
  • Mytilene Marina 
  • Porto Carras 



  • Athens Marina
  • Alimos Marina 
  • Vouliagmeni Marina



  • Aghios Nikolaos
  • Gouves Marina
  • Heraklion Marina
  • Reythmno Marina


       Ionian Islands

  • Goubia Marina
  • Kalamatas Marina
  • Marina Lefkas
  • Marina Cleopatra 




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