Bareboat Charter vs. Skippered Yachts

Bareboat Charter and Skippered Yacht RentalTo choose a suitable crew for you, consider how much experience you have and what you expect from your sailing holiday. Whether you want to sail as many miles as possible or prefer more time in picturesque bays and harbours remains your decision.

Bareboat Charter - I am the Skipper!

When you charter "bareboat", you are fully responsible for the boat and your trip. This includes navigation, sailing, mooring, anchoring, fueling and possibly cleaning the ship. The bareboat charter offers ultimate freedom and privacy, yet it is full responsibility for the yacht and the crew coming along with it. Therefore, it is necessary to own and provide the required certificates or appropriate boating license (ICC). You can then decide where and when to go. Take your vacation planning into your own hands and spend an unforgettable sailing vacation mirroring your own ideas. 

Skippered Yacht - Charter Yacht with Captain

Hiring a Skipper is particularly senseful when you owe neither a sailing license nor other relevant qualifications required for chartering a yacht on your own. Additionally, a skipper forwards his sailing know-how to the crew members and advises about the tasks on board. The Skipper is responsible for a smooth sailing trip under consideration of weather, local conditions and the equipment on board. For sailing beginners and also for advanced sailors, a Skipper is a great way to learn how to sail or to deepen your knowledge of sailing while enjoying your sailing vacation to the fullest. Please keep in mind that the skipper has got the right to have his or her own cabin and that he/she must be provided with food and drinks (provisioning). The experienced Skipper has an excellent knowledge in the desired sailing area and is the perfect companion for a yacht charter.

Crewed Yacht Charter

For enjoying the ultimate luxury holiday you can hire a whole team that takes care of everything on the chartered yacht. Starting with an experienced skipper, with the cook and the hostess – enjoy your yacht charter holidays as you deserve it. The skipper will show you how to sail a yacht, and he or she is responsible for a smooth charter holidays. The cook is responsible for the catering on board and provides you not only with regional delicacies: The Cook on Board will purchase what is needed, serve and wash the dishes. Please note again that each yacht crew member needs to be provided with food and drinks and has got the right of a cabin of their own. Let us help you find the right yacht - all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

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