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Explore the U.S's sunshine state on your next sailing and charter trip - experience the fantastic Florida!

  • Warm, temperate climate
  • Great Sailing Infrastructure
  • Year-round sailing opportunities
  • Protected Bays and anchorages

Boating in the Sunshine State - Florida!

Florida Charters is the southernmost state of the North American content. With close proximity to the Bahamas, the charter destination Florida has seemingly perfect weather and boasts upto 300 sailable days along its coastlines. With a number of options to sail within Florida, it is no wonder it is an extremely popular destination year round for beginner and advanced sailors alike. Encompassing a great sailing infrastructure throughout most of the popular areas of sailing, Florida Keys and Fort Lauderdale, the sunshine state is likely to be a dream boating vacation for everyone aboard.

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Florida Keys - crusing with a yacht on the East Coast of the U.S.

Proclaimed to be some of the finest sailing waters on the East Coast of the United States, the Florida Keys are home to the only coral reef in continental United States. Key West Yacht Charters's City Marina and Oceanside Marina are the two major hubs for yacht charters in the Keys. The marinas can hold almost 400 slips in combined capacity and it is essential to book prior to arrival in the high sailing seasons between November and April. Experience the beautiful weather in the south of Florida and journey through the small islands of the Key including Marquesa, Garden Key and the Dry Tortugas. Extended sailing holidays can also see you sailing to the Bahamas for a taste of the Caribbean life. Explore the land of the picturesque Boca Chita Key, relax upon the beaches and know the reasons why the Keys islands are often proclaimed to be paradise. Charter though the Hawk Channels and Largo Sound where bird lovers will delight in the large variety of marine bird life as well as Bald eagles and other large birds, as they pass through the narrow rivers of the mangroves. The Florida Keys are full of endless wonders and also offer the keen sailors who visit the towns and cities of the islands great fresh seafood for dinners and lunches. You may even like to catch your own!

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Fort Lauderdale charter area - boating in Florida

Fort Lauderdale is another great charter area known for being one of the few areas in the world where salt water and fresh water fishing are within 20 minutes distance. Sailing through the greater Fort Lauderdale region, those aboard are likely to catch and enjoy great fresh seafood dinners whilst relaxing on their boats under the Florida sun. To the south of Fort Lauderdale, sailors will enjoy many sights, relax on beautiful beaches and discover the joys of snorkelling. Anchor in the beach at the North end of Bimini and delight in a beautiful picnic lunch. Snorkel around the 1940's concrete hull sunken freighter off the coast of Sappona and see the beautiful marine life that have taken up residence. The lighthouses and beaches along Gun Cay, Tuna alley and Cat Cay are also renown attractions for sailors in the area to enjoy a break from their sailing trip ashore. The marinas and basins in Fort Lauderdale provide swift easy access to other locations throughout Florida, including Miami right down to the Bahamas and even Key West.

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Marinas and harbors in Florida 

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  • City of Key West Marina - Key West
  • IGY Marina - Fort Lauderdale
  • Legacy Harbor Marina - Fort Myers
  • Palm Harbor Marina - West Palm Beach
  • Sunrise Harbor Marina - Fort Lauderdale
  • Sunset Harbour Yacht Club, Miami Beach - Miami
  • Admiral's Cove Marina - Jupiter


Airports nearby Florida

  • Palm Beach International Airport
  • Southwest Florida International Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • Naples Municipal Airport
  • Charlotte County Airport
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Climate & Weather in Florida

Florida is considered, for the most part, to be a year round sailing destination. The winds are usually light to moderate and easterly in the morning switching to a westerly sea breeze in the afternoon during the summer.  In Winter, the sailing can be quite variable with southerly winds prior to north-westerly fronts and then several crisp and clear days as the wind clocks north and east before the next front.

It is important to remember that like the Bahamas, Florida is not only the sunshine state but it is also a hurricane state in the U.S. A majority of hurricaines forming in the autumn months of September, October can be damaging and a less than ideal time to sail in the area. If you are planning to sail this area around this time, it is always best to keep up-to-date on the forecast and current conditions in Florida to ensure a safe journey.