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State of New York

New York City

Excellent boating facilities and numerous waterways make sailing an ideal way to discover New York City.

  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Iconic views
  • Modern marinas

The Big Apple - New York City

For an unforgettable trip combining high culture, iconic sights, happening nightlife, and a unique sailing experience, charter a boat on what might be the world’s most famous island: Manhattan. Located on the United States Atlantic Ocean border.

The charter area New York has a long history of boating. Before the subway system and bridges were constructed, the city’s population made their way around by ferry, with an estimated 50 million passengers per year in 1870. The old ferry system was even immortalised by Brooklyn’s most loved poet, Walt Whitman. Chartering a yacht around New York will allow you to become part of this illustrious history and discover a whole other side to this city.

Docked in a New York marina, you can enjoy all the city’s must-see activities: bustling Chinatown to chic 5th avenue, the neon of Times Square to classic art at the Met. However, the true benefits of having a boat will become clear as you explore the many bays and waterways that intersect the five boroughs.  

New York is a diamond iceberg floating in river water - Truman Capote

Experience a Unique view by boat!

By taking to the water, you’ll be afforded a view of the legendary Manhattan skyline that the streets have no way of matching. From the art deco splendour of the Chrysler Building to the imposing silver silhouette of the new Freedom Tower, the sights from a boat combine the historic and modern while letting you relax and enjoy them away from the hectic bustle of city traffic.

Travelling by boat will also allow you a unique perspective of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. This iconic neo-gothic suspension bridge dates back to 1883 and is now used by over 120 000 vehicles each day—traffic you can avoid by taking to the river! Sail by night to see the bridge lit up against the backdrop of the city skyline.

Two of New York’s most historic landmarks lie in the Upper New York Bay: Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and the only way to fully appreciate them is by water. By boat you can experience the towering Lady Liberty up close and revel in history as you sail by the gateway to the United States, an island which saw millions of immigrants pass through its doors between 1892 and 1954.

Busy, bustling waterways of New York City

The waterways around NYC are extremely busy with commercial vessels, ferries, other yachts, and human-powered boats, such as kayaks, canoes, and rowboats. It’s best to avoid the main shipping lines and high-traffic areas, such as commercial ports and ferry terminals. Fortunately, the city has numerous marinas. For Downtown Manhattan, The North Cove on the western tip of the island is ideal, while the West 79th Street Boat Basin offers access to the Upper West Side. You can also dock along the Jersey coastline at the Shipyard Marina or Liberty Harbour Marina. New York’s other boroughs also have plenty of options. The Bronx has a number of marinas on City Island and Throgs Neck from which you can visit the famous Bronx Zoo; in Queens, World’s Fair Marina is extremely convenient for La Guardia airport and Shea Stadium; and Brooklyn has many small marinas clustered around the entrance to Jamaica Bay, near the legendary Coney Island. From New York, it’s also possible to sail up the coast towards New England, a state renowned for its sailing opportunities. Visit the popular sailing town of Newport or cruise the islands of Cape Cod, enjoying the rugged coastlines and a change of pace from the hectic city experience.

Throw off the bow lines and catch the New York Harbor trade winds in your sails - Mark Twain

Marinas and Basins in New York City 

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  • New York Harbor
  • W. 79th Street Boat Basin
  • Shipyard Marina
  • Liberty Harbor Marina
  • Liberty Landing Marina
  • North Cove Marina

Airports nearby State of New York

  • La Guardia Airport
  • Newark International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy Internaional Airport
  • Westchester Airport
  • Long Island - MacArthur Airport


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Climate & Weather in State of New York

New York City’s weather varies hugely throughout the year, and sailing is recommended during the spring, summer, and autumn months. In winter, temperatures can drop as low as –12º and wind patterns mean the moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean are lost. However, spring and autumn are typically mild with low humidity, and summers are hot and humid. The city is an urban heat island—urbanization here has the effect that overnight temperatures are higher than any of the surrounding areas.