Sailing Itinerary Cuba - 7 Days Route Suggestion Cienfuegos to Cayo Largo

Uncover the experience of a lifetime while exploring Cuba’s white sand beaches, rolling mountains, well-  preserved architecture, and rich culture. Enjoy the diversity of Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Cayo Guano, Cayo largo, playa Sirena, Cayo Rosario and Punta del Este. Sailing Cuba will give you the opportunity to discover impeccable, untouched islands, crystal clear waters,and beautiful coral reefs.

Here we have suggested 7 day itinerary for charters starting in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Yacht Charters and Rentals Cienfuegos - Cuba

  1. Cienfuegos
  2. Trinidad
  3. Cayo Guano
  4. Cayo Largo
  5. Playa Sirena
  6. Trinidad - last stop before returning to Cienfuegos



1 Week Itinerary - Sailing Route Suggestion Around Cuba 

Beginning your trip in Cienfuegos, there is so much to see before setting sail. Cienfuegos is a charming oceanfront city that sits in a bay of the same name. We suggest you head out on the boat and explore the crystal clear waters. If you are into diving, enthusiasts rave about the coral reefs that line the coast. The regions calm waters are ideal for sailing, boating, and Kayaking. On land, Cienfuegos has a unique culture and impressive architecture that is drenched with national history. Trinidad’s picture perfect location sits between the waterfront and mountains. The city has an abundance of Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. This town is very walkable and can be explored in a day. Attractions on the coastline include impeccable coral reefs, fishing, and the immaculate Ancon Beach. Cayo Guana and Cayo Largo are islands very close to each other that offer crystal clear waters that guarantee you’ll be relaxed. The islands are ideal for fishing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. Playa Sirena and Cayo Rico are perfect islands for anchoring and dedicating yourself to watersports. You may also explore the island’s nature. A plethora of exotic iguanas will be found on these islands. Canal de Estopa is the perfect location to kayak, swim and relax on the beach. If you are looking to explore on foot, you may find a turtle farm, stocked with turtles that are over 100 years old. This is the last stop before returning to Cienfuegos.


Sailing Conditions in Cuba

Cuba’s Caribbean seas offer ideal weather for sailing. The climate is tropical to subtropical. Throughout the year there is sunshine, and air and water temperatures are pleasantly warm. On average, the annual temperature is about 25 °C. Depending on the season, the water temperature is between 20 °C and just above 30 °C. Cuba's rainy season lasts from May to November. Longer periods of rain are rare, and it almost never rains for more than a couple of days at a time.


Most Popular Marinas in Cuba

  • Cayo Largo Yacht Club Marina, La Coloma (Pinar del Río Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Cayo Coco-Guillermo, Máximo Gómez (Ciego de Ávila Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Internacional Puerto de Vita, Rafael Freyre (Holguín Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Cienfuegos, Punta Gorda (Cienfuegos Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Tarará, Havana (La Habana Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Dársena de Varadero, Varadero (Matanzas Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus (Sancti Spíritus Province, Cuba)
  • Marina Varadero, Varadero (Matanzas Province, Cuba)


Sailing Route Suggestion Cuba - 7 Days Itinerary Cienfuegos to Cayo Largo




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