Sail along the Turkish Riviera

Route Suggestion - From Marmaris to Fethiye

Yacht holiday in Turkey is a dream come true for sailors. The Gulf of Fethiye is a spectacular destination with numerous small bays and secluded anchorages from which to enjoy the surrounding scenery. The area is popular as it is well suited for beginners, but also attracts more experienced sailors.

  1. Marmaris - Stock up on food for the journey Ekincik - Excursion to the ancient city of Caunos
  2. Tomb Bay / Bestas Limani - Visit the Lycian rock tombs
  3. Gocek - Bathing on the offshore islands
  4. Samanlik Bay (Cold Water Bay) - Bathing in the Cold Water Bay
  5. Fethiye - Finish your journey


Sail along the coast and combine culture with a beach holiday

You can begin your sailing holiday along the Turkish Mediterranean coast at Marmaris, where you will be able to collect the boat and do any last minute preparations. From Marmaris we suggest sailing to Ekinicik, and stopping at the My Marina to plan a trip to nearby Caunos, an ancient city on the banks of the reed-lined river. Caunos is full of cultural treasures: A theater, the Acropolis and a Byzantine basilica to stroll around (although good shoes are recommended for this!) After a night in Ekinicik, further south you will come to the small inlets of Tomb Bay and Cold Water Bay or ‘Bestas Limani’. You will be welcomed by the fish painted rocks of artist Rahmi Bedi, and will also see the Lycian rock tombs (36 ° 41.8 'N 028 ° 52.0' E). Take care whilst anchoring on the muddy seabed of the bay. The next day you will reach Göcek which has many wonderful offshore islands to explore and great beaches for swimming. The city also has an excellent sailing infrastructure. On the penultimate day you can visit Samanlik Bay to cool off, as here the water sometimes drops to 17 °. After a final swim, you can head back to Fethiye.

Sailing Conditions

This is a protected sea area: The Gulf of Fethiye has calm waters and the strong Meltimi wind rarely occurs. The wind blows at around 4-5 Bft. It is best to visit during spring or autumn as fewer large boat tours take place during and the area is less crowded.


  • Club Marina Goecek
  • Marina Yat Limani
  • Netsel Marmaris Marina
  • Maden Iskele, My Marina
  • Fehtiye Marina


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