Route Suggestion Guadeloupe – Sailing in the Caribbean

Shopping, Sunbathing and Sailing in Guadeloupe

Rent a boat and sail around the island of Guadeloupe in The Caribbean. You will find exciting activities, delicious food and vibrant culture.

  1. Pointe-à-Pitre - Explore the busy town
  2. Le Gosier & Îlet du Gosier - Sample the local cuisine
  3. Sainte-Anne - Relax on the white sands and swim in the clear waters
  4. Saint-Francois - More beautiful beaches
  5. Marie Galante (Saint Louis) - Enjoy the little town and try the rum
  6. Terre-de-Haut & Iles-des-Saintes - Snorkeling and diving
  7. Trois Rivieres - See the ancient rock carvings
  8. Capesterre Belle Eau - Take a visit to the volcano and the inland rainforest
  9. Petit Bourg - Water sporting activities


The Bas du Fort Marina in Pointe-à-Pitre is a good starting point due to its central location and close proximity to the international airport. From Pointe-à-Pitre, you can sail along the stunning south east coastline and reach Le Gosier and the nearby island Îlet du Gosier. Le Gosier has some lively beach resorts, restaurants and bars. Sailing further east to Sainte-Anne, you will encounter many gorgeous unspoiled beaches. Saint-Francois is a lovely fishing town where old windmills still remain from colonial times. From Saint-Francois you can embark on a voyage to the island of Marie Galante, this is a long trip but well worth it to visit the town of Saint Louis. The beaches here are white sand, lined with coconut trees and the island is famous for its delicious rum. From here you can travel to the neighboring islands of Terre-de-Haut and Iles-des-Saintes, these islands have a relaxed, laid back atmosphere and many fantastic snorkeling areas. Sailing to Basse-Terre, you can stop at Trois-Rivières for supplies. Nearby Trois Rivieres you can visit the ‘Roches Gravées’ in The Parc Archeologique; ancient rock carvings that mark early evidence of man in the Caribbean. Capesterre Belle Eau is also a good place to begin inland excursions to the archaeological park where you can see the La Soufrière volcano or the Galion waterfalls. Before heading back to Pointe-à-Pitre you could visit the town of Petit Bourg for a spot of windsurfing.

Sailing Conditions

Navigation around Guadeloupe is done mostly by sight, so by nightfall you should reach a safe anchorage. The seas are calm and the trade winds blow steadily, but conditions can be rougher in the channels between the islands.The area is well marked, but you should look out for rocks and reefs that may be hazardous.


  • Pointe à Pitre - Bas du Fort Marina
  • Saint François Municipal Marina
  • Trois-Rivières Marina


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