Route Suggestion Kornati Islands – Sail along the Adriatic

Sailing around the Kornati Islands

Sail to the Croatian islands near Biograd and Zadar, and take in the culture, cuisine and spectacular scenery of this part of the Adriatic.

  1. Biograd na Moru - Begin your journey
  2. Uvala Hiljaca, Zut - Explore the island
  3. Sali, Dugi Otok - Telašćica Nature Park
  4. Simuni, Pag - Taste some local delicacies
  5. Silba & Olib - Two charming islands
  6. Susak - A traditional island
  7. Losinj, Mali Losinj - The island of vitality
  8. Vir - Pebbled and sandy beaches
  9. Zadar - The church of St Donat
  10. Return to Biograd


Begin your trip in Biograd na Moru in the center of the Adriatic. This is popular starting point for exploring the Kornati Islands. First we suggest sailing to Zut and anchoring at Uvala Hiljaca on the southeast of the island. Sali on the northeast coast of Dugi Otok is a picturesque port town to stop by on the way to the Telašćica Nature Park. This is a spectacular sailing ground, and the anchor sites for yachtsmen are: Magrovica, Podugopolje, Pasjak, Jaz, Kruševica, Mir, Tripuljak, Buhaj and Pod Katina within the national park. The island of Pag is famous for the manufacture of lace and ‘Paski sir’ cheese made from sheep’s milk. Restaurant Natale in Simuni serves some delicious dishes and local wine.

From Pag you can sail to the little islands of Silba and Olib. Susak is the furthermost island in the Kornati group and has a traditional atmosphere. Mali Losinj is known as the island of vitality due to the clean air and rich flora and fauna found on the island. See the Aromatic Garden that contains plants and herbs grown for medicinal purposes. Over on Vir there are sandy and pebbly beaches on which to relax and sunbathe. Visit Zadar before heading back to Biograd and see the 9th century Church of St Donat. From mid-July to mid-August it is the Zadar festival of dreams, and theatre and performance art pieces take place in venues all over the city.

Sailing Conditions

This part of the Adriatic experiences a warm Mediterranean climate and there is an exceptional amount of sunshine throughout the year. The predominant winds are the Jugo and the Maestral. The Bora can occur and cause difficult conditions and thunderstorms are common throughout July and August. Care should be taken when navigating between the islands, as underwater rock formations can be dangerous.


  • Marina Kornati, Biograd na Moru
  • Zaglav Dugi Otok Marina
  • Marina Zadar


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