Route Suggestion Naples – Sail along the Amalfi Coast

Sailing on the Amalfi Coast

Begin a sailing trip from Naples and soak up the glamour, mythology and stunning scenery of Campania.

  1. Naples - Pizza & Pompeii
  2. Pozzuoli - The Flavian Amphitheatre
  3. Procida - Relax and take in the scenery
  4. Ischia - Bathe in the thermal springs & visit the Aragonese Castle
  5. Capri - See the Blue Grotto & Villa Jovis
  6. Sorrento - Sandy beaches, shopping and more exploring
  7. Back to Naples


Before setting sail you may want to take a day or two to explore the city of Naples. Naples is the home of pizza and you will find many restaurants serving authentic pizzas and other delicious regional cuisine. Nearby you can visit the remains of Pompeii, the ancient Roman town that was destroyed by the Vesuvius volcano - one of the most incredible archaeological sites in the world. Stopping by Pozzuoli you can see the The Flavian Amphitheatre. From here we suggest you sail to the first of three beautiful islands of volcanic origin, Procida. Here you can relax on the beach and take in the views after a busy couple of days. Next, the island of Ischia hosts thermal springs and a beautiful Aragonese Castle. Southwest of Ischia lies the famous island of Capri. On Capri you can mingle with the celebrities and artists on the glamorous streets and piazzas. The ‘Grotta Azzurra’ or blue cave is a must see. The grotto is accessible by row boat and inside the sunlight causes the water to shine a brilliant blue. There are also many interesting historic attractions to be seen on the island. From Capri we suggest sailing to Sorrento, a pleasant town, often visited as an alternative to chaotic Naples. It is full of picturesque streets and is surrounded by high cliffs and olive groves. After enjoying the city you can embark on the voyage back to Naples.

Sailing Conditions

This area has the deep blue sea and rugged coastline characteristic of the Mediterranean. There are many pleasant anchorages in the coves and bays, along with plenty of hot weather and sunshine during the summer. Light sailing winds occur during the summer months from the southeast or southwest, that blow between 2 and 5 Bft. The mistral can occur in August and cause difficult conditions. Marinas are well equipped but rather expensive due to the popularity of the area. Important: You should asses the tides carefully and keep an eye out for hazardous rocks. This route is suitable for sailors with previous experience.

Marinas along the way

  • Maglietta Marina
  • Marina di Procida
  • Capri Marina Grande
  • Marina Piccola, Sorrento


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