Sailing in the Brittany – Discover the french Atlantic Coastline from Normandy to the Brittany

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Brittany is a challenging sailing and charter area.

  • Very good infrastructure
  • Many marinas
  • Sophisticated navigation
  • Strong tidal currents
  • Not a beginner's district!

Brittany and Normandy are very attractive sailing and charter destinations. They are rich in geographic, climatic and cultural contrasts. You will be able to see wild coasts and protected gulfs and sail down dramatic rivers. Nowhere else in Europe is the Atlantic coast so diverse and at the same time challenging. The distance between land and sea is close on the coasts of Normandy and Northern and Western Brittany. Around the rocky headlands of Pointe de Saint-Mathieu, Pointe du Raz and Pointe de Penmarch the coast is wild and rough. There are dangerous cliffs, stormy waves, strong currents and a strikingly large tidal range. Yachtcharter Brittany will give sailors an idea of the elemental forces when they run rampant with tidal currents along the rocky coast. Even in calm weather and moderate winds, sailing in this area is an intense and difficult experience. South of Brittany, the Atlantic Ocean is a little more quiet and peaceful. From Benodet to the peninsula of Quiberon there is a 60 mile long stretch of coastline containing idyllic bays, islands and picturesque port towns. The rivers that cut into the mountainous landscape are particularly impressive, and you can sail many miles inland. Some of these coastal rivers are Odet, Belon and Blavet. It is worth stopping at the ancient port cities of Audierne and Quimper.

An impressive and incomparable nature experience for sailors.

The coast in front of the Île de Groix and the Archipelago of Glénan hosts the most famous sailing school - Les Glénans. To the southeast lies the peninsula of Quiberon, which is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of dunes. The landscape here is extremely diverse and the peninsula represents the rugged beauty of Brittany very well.

Between Quiberon and the mouth of the river Vilaine, you find the Baie de Quiberon. This bay is very protected and only open to the east, in the north it is bounded by the Gulf of Morbihan and in the south by islands and reefs. Crouesty Port, Port Haliguen and Port de La Trinité sur Mer are in this area. From this point you can explore many beautiful destinations on day trips such as Belle-Ile, the largest Breton Island. On the varied coast of Belle-Ile, there are fine sandy beaches, picturesque villages, coastal cliffs and unusual rock formations like the Grotte de l'Apothicairerie. For a sailing trip in the Gulf of Morbihan, one should take several days. The island-rich inland sea is well protected and picturesque harbors and meadows are visible from the water. 

There is nothing quite like a french-wine after a hard day of navigating - I thoroughly enjoyed myself

Despite the treacherous flow of the Gulf of Morbihan, it is one of the most beautiful sailing areas. The entire French Atlantic coast has a better than average yacht charter infrastructure. The marinas and ports provide excellent service and are rarely more than 20 nautical miles apart. They are usually equipped with pontoons to help gain control in tides. Even if there is an unexpected change in the weather, sailing crews can quickly find a safe haven.

On the south coast of Brittany between Vannes and Benodet there are charter centers. Large marinas are Crouesty Port, La Tininté sur Mer, Port Haliguen, Port du Port de Commerce de Kernevel and Lorient. In addition to the marinas there are also many small fishing ports, which offer berths at Mooringtonnen. The main ports of the Brittany and Normandy coast are: Le Havre, Cherbourg, Flamanville, St. Malo, Larmor-Plage, La Trinite sur Mer, Crouesty, Lorient and La Rochelle.

Harbours in the sailing area Brittany / Normandy 

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  • St. Malo Hafen
  • La Trinitée sur Mer


Airports nearby Brittany

  • Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport to St. Malo harbor: 12,3 km, 19 minutes
  • Meucon Airport to La Trinitée sur Mer: 30,9 km, 36 minutes
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Climate & Weather in Brittany

The sailing season in Brittany and Normandy runs from May to September. High season is July and August. The weather conditions in the area are often better than one might expect. The Gulf Stream keeps the waters ice-free all year round and provides balanced water temperatures between 5 and 15°C. Compared to the Baltic Sea, there is significantly less rainfall in Normandy and the wind is predominantly from the west. In Brittany there is a warm subtropical climate. In summer, the south coast benefits from the Azores High. It affects the region very early bringing sunny weather and sub-tropical temperatures with it. The wind mainly blows moderately from the southwest.