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Montenegro is a small country in Southeast Europe that is bordered by Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. The coastline is on the Adriatic Sea and is 293 kilometers in length. High mountains and medieval towns overlook the sea, and there are almost 120 beaches on the coast. Sailing in Montenegro is an ideal way to take in the dramatic scenery, and Lord Byron once described Montenegro as 'the most beautiful encounter between land and sea'. Since gaining independence in 2006, the tourist industry has grown considerably and Montenegro is fast becoming a popular holiday destination. The recently built Porto Montenegro near Tivat has over 600 berths and is one of the most luxurious marinas in the world.

The Bay of Kotor or Boka Kotorska is a good starting point for Yachtcharter Montenegro. The bay has a fjord like landscape and ancient settlements sit against the backdrop of woodland and snowcapped peaks. The towns of Kotor and Perast are particularly interesting and well-preserved. Marina Kotor and Porto Montenegro in Tivat are the marinas in the gulf. Travelling down the Adriatic coast: Bigova, Budva, Petrovak, Bar and Ulcinj are all wonderful stops. Bigova and Petrovak are small villages in sheltered bays. Budva and Bar both have marinas and extremely picturesque old towns. The stylish Villa Miločer resort in Sveti Stefan, a former island fortress, is near Budva and was named Hotel of the Year by Gallivanter's Guide in 2010. Ulcinj is the southernmost coastal town and is where the Spanish author Cervantes is thought to have been held captive by pirates for several years. It has been suggested that the character Dulcinea in Don Quixote is named after Ulcinj which used to be called ‘Cita di Dolcinio’. All along the coast, there are plenty of clean beaches and idyllic anchorages. Inland, Montenegro is home to various national parks that contain gorgeous mountain ranges, deep river canyons, lakes and primeval forests. Many of these areas have remained largely untouched and so have high levels of biodiversity.

Sailing Routes Montenegro

Start your trip from Marina Kotor in Boka Kotorska or The Bay of Kotor. The bay is surrounded by dramatic fjord like scenery and the waters are clean, clear and blue. Kotor itself is an amazingly well-preserved medieval city and a UNESCO world heritage site. Visit the fortress of St. Ivan and St. Tryphon's cathedral... more

Airports nearby Montenegro

  • Podgorica Airport
  • Tivat Airport
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Climate & Weather in Montenegro

The Montenegrin coast experiences a Mediterranean climate, and the sailing season begins in May and ends in September. During the summer, the temperature averages at a pleasant 27 °C. The prevailing winds are the Maestral from the Northwest and the Jugo from the Southeast. The Bora can occur suddenly from the Northeast and create challenging conditions, so sailors should avoid anchoring in bays exposed to the Northeast. Inland, northern and central areas of Montenegro have a cooler, continental climate.