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Sailing along 450 km long North Sea coastline or cruise on the Houseboat on the canals and rivers - here we go - Yacht Charter Netherlands

The Netherlands has many fantastic sailing grounds on the 450 km long North Sea coastline and the many inland lakes and rivers. Houseboat tours are common on the canals and rivers, and are a popular activity for both the Dutch and visitors. The Dutch Antilles and Aruba in the Caribbean are also part of the Netherlands. The Wadden Sea, the IJsselmeer, and the Marker Lake are the most popular cruising areas.

The IJsselmeer (formerly Zuiderzee)  is an inland water divided into two parts by a dam: the IJsselmeer in the north and the Markermeer in the south west. The IJsselmeer covers 1100 square kilometers and is around 5m at the deepest point. (Do not let the sandbanks spoil your sailing trip: keep an eye on buoys and charts!) The Marker is by the Markerwaarddijk Sea, which runs from Enkhuizen to Lelystad. Like the IJsselmeer, it is a freshwater inland waterway, and offers numerous excursions and mooring facilities. Zeeland is a province in the southwest of the Netherlands which consists mainly of offshore islands and peninsulas. Despite the sheltered situation of the Zeeland, one should pay attention to the tides as difficult conditions can arise here. About 30% of the entire Wadden Sea is located in the Netherlands - it is a very attractive and rewarding area that can be challenging at the same time. In particular, the Frisian Wadden Sea is notoriously difficult, as changing shipping channels and sandbars impede navigation.

The Netherlands is a historically rich and culturally fascinating country. There are lively cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and small idyllic villages such as Hoorn and Veere. Anyone interested in the history of the textile industry in the Netherlands should visit the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. Marinas can be found almost everywhere in the Netherlands, and there are many Yacht Charter opportunities as you can rent a boat in almost every port.

Sailing Routes Netherlands

The Isjelmeer is the most popular sailing area in the Netherlands. Holland offers an excellent sailing infrastructure and numerous opportunities for boat rental. Along the waterways you will find many charming ports not far from one another. The close proximity of the towns allows you to sail in short stages, making it a good area to practice. Begin your boat trip at Lemmer!


Airports nearby Netherlands

  • Airport Schiphol
  • Airport Lelystad
  • Airport Rotterdam


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Climate & Weather in Netherlands

The European Dutch sailing areas are situated in the temperate zone. They are affected by the Gulf Stream; warm Atlantic waters and predominantly western winds. The wind blows at an average of 5Bft. However, rapidly changing weather conditions that cause storms and reduced visibility are not uncommon.