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Brazil: Discover the fifth biggest country in the World

Brazil is both large in area as well as in population. It is the fifth biggest country in the World and with 200 million inhabitants; it is the most populated country in South America. Brazil shares borders with every South American country besides Chile and Ecuador and is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The country’s name derives from the Portuguese word ,,Brasa’’ which means “glow,” referring to the Brazil wood tree and its color. During the Colonial period, this wood was widely found in the wilderness along the Atlantic coast, as well as an important commercial product of the region, since it was used for dyeing fabrics. Brazil has an area of 8.5 million kilometers, the currency is called the “Real” and the official language is Portuguese. Due to the high rate of immigration, there are also a number of minority languages spoken in Brazil. Over one million Brazilians speak German. In addition, many people speak English, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. This country embodies 62 National Parks. Brazil is the most species-rich country in the world although due to the deforestation of the Brazilian Rainforest, these animals and plant species are increasingly at risk. The southeast coastal regions of Brazil are the most densely populated areas, where the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro metropolitan-regions are dominated by the coffee plantation landscape. 

Hoist the sails to explore the fantastic bays and beaches

The trade wind along the eastern Brazilian coast blows constant throughout the entire year, which is why Brazil is witnessing a growing popularity in sailing and water sports. Because the east-coast region benefits anyway from the hot, year round, humid tropical climate, life takes place on the sandy, Brazilian beaches. Azure blue water and an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius invite you to swim, snorkel, and dive. The supply of Jet Ski rentals, surf schools and professional Yacht charters in Brazil is rich. From sleek Charter-Catamarans to luxurious sailing yachts, your wishes and imaginations have no limits. The palm-lined beach promenade, full of bars and joyful people, can be observed best from a charter boat. The navigation on Brazilian waters is with regular map controls for beginners as well as for possible advanced sailors and numerous small, deserted islands offers a welcome change to the tourist agenda of the inner cities. Apart from the heat of the days, the winds in Brazil are rather weak as charter area and swells occur rarely. The water temperature fluctuates between 17 degrees Celsius in the winter to a pleasant 28 degrees in the summer. In the summer, the Brazilian coast can be circumnavigated back to the south; during this the wind in the winter allows the charter to explore the North.

Between São Paulo and Rio Janeiro lie dreamy harbor-towns!

The perfect starting point for a longer charter cruise is the modern Marina Verolme. By car, it is situated only thirty minutes from Rio de Janeiro and approximately two hours away from the Rio de Janeiro airport. With either a catamaran or sailboat, going alone or sailing with an experienced captain and crew, the Brazilian east coast is flexibly carved in any regard. A favorite stop among many sailors is Paratay. Paratay has 37,000 residents and is located on the beautiful Costa Verde. This small town shares a romantic old colonial atmosphere, which became a national monument. Furthermore, daily traffic is blocked in the city, which is why a relaxing walk along the music festivals and art exhibitions is highly recommended.) (On the other hand, the multicultural São Paulo waits with its 11 million residents, providing much excitement and nightlife, which is why it is often compared to New York City. The best view of the skyline is certainly atop the 168 meter building “Edificio Italia,” which also contains an excellent restaurant with panoramic views of the city. From one city to the next, it is most efficient with a booked charter yacht. Not without reason, Rio de Janeiro is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world: high rise buildings with mirrored-glass fronts’ standing next to restored colonial buildings, in between there is always room for a pretty park and occasionally a monastery rests as a rock in the big city surf. Boredom does not appear here, especially when the annual Rios City Carnival is occurring and the city is transformed into a single, vast, colorful party.

Brazil - Marina and Harbours 

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Airports nearby Brazil

  • Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont airport
  • Rio de Janeiro-Antônio Carlos Jobim airport
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Climate & Weather in Brazil

In the summer, the climate in the charter area of the Brazilian east coast is characterized by mild winds and high temperatures. The average temperatures in the months between April and October lie around 25 degrees Celsius; however, temperatures are often above 30 degrees between November and March. The best time for sailing in Brazil is focused on the months of April and May, as well as September through the beginning of November. During this time, the water temperatures climb to a tropical 28 degrees Celsius. Sailing reports bear evidence of the constant sea-breeze, the wind blows at 4 to 5 Bft, while swells occur rather infrequently. However, rain showers are happening in the meantime in Brazil and weather changes are possible all the time: Heavy rain is expected over and over again in the summer.