Sea Weather Forecast

The weather plays an important role when planning your boat trip. Below you can find some of the best maritime weather forecasts and services.

Sailing and Marine weather via FM radio

The local coastal radio stations broadcast the shipping forecast and all important weather information. Forecasts and warnings are usually announced several times a day in the local language and English.

Marine weather via FM radio

The sea-weather forecasts can be received with a normal, short-wave radio.

  • Radio Deutschland (Radio Germany)
    During the summer you can use the shipping forecast daily at 01:05 am, 06:40 am, 11:05 am and 09:05 pm on the frequencies 1269 kHz MW and SW 6190 kHz heard.
  • Deutschland Kultur (Germany Culture)
    During the summer you can use the shipping forecast daily at 01:05 am, 06:40 am, 11:05 am and 09:05 pm on the frequency LW 177 kHz.

Shipping forecast on the internet / mobile phone

The wireless coverage in Germany and on the German islands is generally very good. You can recieve the forecast with a web-enabled mobile phone or laptop with an UMTS card. The same applies to other areas in Europe, but depending on your wireless service provider, this process can be expensive. During long trips, it is worth to buying a local prepaid card.

  • The Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Weather Service) provides the marine forecast several times a day  for the Mediterranean, Eastern Atlantic and the Baltic and North Sea. The information is structured clearly, logically and is quickly available.
  • Windfinder supplements the weater forecast with wind forecasting, wind maps and many other options.

SMS weather service

These kinds of services are a good alternative in terms of time optimization. However, they can be very costly.

  • On Windfinder sailing / marine weather you can get custom-configurable 36 hour forecasts with information on weather, wind, waves and temperature. Here you can choose from 133 locations in Europe, the Canaries and the Caribbean. You also have the opportunity to pay a flat rate per SMS or per month. For example: You pay 12.90 € for 30 SMS, 34.00 € for 100 SMS or 6.50 € per month overall.
  • On Weather365 you get 2 daily updates (at 07:30 am and 06:30 pm) on the main wave and weather data for the area of your choice. This includes information on temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wave height and air pressure.


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