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Moderate infrastructure | Part of sophisticated navigation | Weather resistant | Sailing Season: April to October | Best time to sail: June to September | Mediterranean climate

Especially popular is the sea area between the northern coast of Sicily, Calabria and the Aeolian Islands

Sailing Vacation Sicily |

Sicily has an area of 25,426 km² and is the largest island belonging to Italy. It is separated from the Italian mainland by the Strait of Messina. In the north it is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the east by the Ionian Sea and in the east and southwest by the Strait of Sicily. Sicily has a largely mountainous landscape, and is the home of Mount Etna - the tallest, largest and most active volcano in Europe. The north and east coasts are made up of high cliffs with numerous bays and sandy beaches. Going south the land is flatter and the beaches become longer. The coastline measures a total length of 1152 km. The capital city of Sicily is Palermo, which lies on a bay on the north coast. The city has many historic attractions, important church buildings, palaces, squares and museums. Other major cities are Catania, Messina and Syracuse. 

Sailors often prefer the area between the northern coast of Sicily, Calabria and the Aeolian Islands. Palermo, Cefalu, Sant Agata, Milazzo and Porto Rosa are ideal places to begin Yacht charter in Sicily. On a sailing trip between the harbors, bays and capes, one can explore the northern coast of the island thoroughly. A detour to the Aeolian Islands (Lipari Islands) is recommended. On the east coast there is the port of Catania, which is a convenient starting point due to the nearby airport. You can also begin a trip from Taormina or Syracuse. Those who start from the east and sail to the northern coast, or who want to sail to the Aeolian Archipelago should not underestimate the Strait of Messina. This sea area is difficult to navigate, primarily because of strong, constantly changing currents. In addition, the frequent ferry and ship traffic demands a lot of attention. The Strait of Messina is not suitable for beginners and could be problematic for less experienced crews. The most important ports in the area are: Trapani, Marsala, Marina di Ragusa, Marzamemi, Syracuse, Catania, Taormina, Reggio Calabria, Tropea, Vibo Valentia, Milazzo, Porto Rosa, Sant Agata, Cefalu, Palermo, Lipari, Salina and Riposto.

Route Suggestion

The Aeolian Islands are also commonly known as the Lipari Islands. They lie Northwest off the coast of Sicily and are of volcanic origin. Their geographical nature is extraordinary and sailing between the island visitors can take in the amazing rock formations, see black sand beaches and live volcanoes. Marina di Portorosa is ideally positioned for exploring the Aeolian Islands, and is easily accessible from both Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Messina... more

Airports nearby Sicily

  • Catania Vincenzo Bellini airport to Siracusa harbor: 64 km, 51 minutes
  • Catania Vincenzo Bellini airport to Catania: 5,1 km, 9 minutes
  • Lamezia Terme airport to Vibo Valentia Marina: 31,4 km, 34 minutes
  • Neapel airport to Capitaneria de Porto harbor: 34,4 km, 45 minutes
  • Neapel airport to Pozzuoli harbor: 24,5 km, 35 minutes
  • Palermo airport to Palermo: 33,2 km, 33 minutes
  • Palermo-Boccadifalco airport to Cefalù harbor: 73,2 km, 1 hour and 3 minutes
  • Palermo-Boccadifalco airport to Sant` Agata di Militello: 130 km, 1 hour and 33 minutes
  • Reggio Calabria airport to Portorosa harbor: 81 km, 1 hour and 43 minutes
  • Reggio Calabria airport to Reggio Calabria: 7 km, 35 minutes
  • Reggio Calabria airport to Lipari: 105 km, 2 hours, 47 minutes
  • Reggio Calabria airport to Marina Del Nettuno Milazzo: 61,9 km, 1 hour and 33 minutes
  • Trapani Birgi airport to Capitaneria de Porto harbor: 18,9 km, 29 minutes
  • Trapani Birgi airport to Marsala harbor: 18,6 km, 29 minutes
  • Salerno-Pontecagnano airport to Agropoli: 38,7 km, 55 minutes
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Climate & Weather in Sicily

The sailing season in Sicily begins in April and ends in October. Sicily has a typically Mediterranean climate, the summers are hot and dry and the winters are mild and wet. The average temperature in coastal areas is around 26 °C in summer and 10 °C in winter. In temperatures inland are slightly cooler. Due to the Scirocco, a hot desert wind, Southern Sicily can reach over 40 °C during the summer months and there is almost no rain at this time. From June onwards the water temperatures are between 25 and 28 °C, and the waters around the island belong to the Tyrrhenian Sea.