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From it's Mediterranean coastline, to the Balearics and down off the coast off Africa, Spain has enjoyed a long, fruitful relationship with the water. With a range of challenges from the Canary Islands to the smooth sailing of the Balearic Islands, discovering the beauty of Spain and it's lifestyle is made even more rewarding when travelled by boat. 

Spain - rich in diversity

Dating back as far as the fifteenth century, Spain has a long, historical relationship with boats, sailing and conquering the waters of the world. Now, based on its beautiful history and reputation for a diverse, relaxed culture and lifestyle, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular charter destinations in Europe. With many options available, a boating vacation in Spain can lead you to discover all different aspects: The Mediterranean coastline from Barcelona to Gibraltar; the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca; to the shores of the Indian Ocean and the Canary islands of Tenerife, Santa Cruz and Las Palmas.


The Spanish Mediterranean Coast

Spain's extensive 1700km coastline along the Mediterranean Sea is a notorious hotspot for sailors wishing to experience the Spanish coastal lifestyle. Divided up into 3 regions: the northern region of Barcelona; the central regions of Valencia and Alicante and; the southern regions of Malaga and Marbella - marinas tend to be evenly distributed along this coastline. As the lesser travelled route of Spain, the opportunities for yacht charters are relatively small in comparison to the islands of Spain. Barcelona is the region with the most available opportunities to sail the Spanish Mediterranean coast. From here you can sail south and discover the myriad of sandy beaches, relaxed coastal towns and stunning scenery that only Spain can offer. The Costa Blanca (also known as the White Coast) is a popular stop on the tides down to the beautiful port town of Alicante. From Alicante, it is just a short ride over to the Balearic Islands where all the magic happens. If you want to experience the warm winds of Africa and some challenging seas, sail to the southern tip of Spain near Gibraltar to uncover a vastly different region.

The islands of Spain

Located in the Balearic Sea and off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean - the islands of Spain are amongst the most popular charter areas year-round. With constant temperate climates, beautiful waters and stunning scenery, it is no wonder. The Balearic Islands, a short sail from the Spanish coastal town of Alicante, offer sailors of all kinds a diverse cultural and ecological backgrounds. The main islands in the Balearic, each cater to a range of holiday-makers. Ibiza has what you need for a fun-filled party holiday. Mallorca (Majorca) is fantastic for the families who want to keep the children entertained with a wide range of water sport activities and relaxation upon many beaches along the island. Menorca is a widlife-lover sailor's paradise, with beautiful marine and land creatures inhabiting the smaller island. The waters of the Balearic Islands generally pose no major challenges and are often a great experience for beginner sailors. The Canary islands boast being the islands of eternal Spring. The climate here remains a constant average of 25° in Summer and 22° in winter. The waters surrounding the islands, such as Tenerife and Las Palmas can be rather challenging for even the most experienced sailors. It is best to check the local reports before embarking on a journey if you are not familiar with the area or consider hiring a skipper. 

Marinas and Harbours in Spain 

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  • Porta Mataro, Costa Maresme Harbour
  • Denia Harbour
  • Olympic Port
  • Puerto de Mogan
  • Marina Rubicon
  • Pasito Bianco Harbour
  • Santa Cruz Marina
  • Marina Alboran (Majorca)
  • Real Club Nautico Harbour (Majorca)
  • Mahon Harbour (Menorca)
  • Marina Botafoch (Ibiza)


Sailing Routes Spain

With it's fantastic weather and sailing coast over various regions, you might be searching for the best route around the regions of Spain. offers suggestions for the Canary Islands and each of the Balearic Islands as per below:

  • Balearic Islands (pictured)
  • Majorca (also known as Mallorca)
  • Ibiza
  • <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" _blank"="" title="Trip Itinerary for Menorca">Menorca</a></li> </ul>

Airports nearby Spain

  • Girona-Costa Brava Airport
  • Barcelona El-Prat Airport
  • Valencia Airport
  • Arrecife Airport (Las Palmas)
  • Gran Canaria Airport (Las Palmas)
  • Tenerife North Airport
  • Tenerife South Airport
  • Palma de Mallorca Airport
  • De'Evissa Airport (Ibiza)
  • Menorca Airport


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Climate & Weather in Spain

Due to it's sheer size, the climate and weather of Spain can vary greatly depending on the region which you are in. As most yacht charters typically are booking on the Meditteranean Coastline, Balearics and the District of Canarias, the information below focusses solely on these areas:

The Canary Islands, also referred to as “the Islands of everlasting springtime” can be sailed all through the year with a warm, subtropical climate. Average temperatures range from 24°C in the Summer to 18°C in the winter, with water temperatures on average only 1-2 degrees cooler.  In the Balearic islands, the fantastic weather and moderate winds provide perfect sailing conditions. For the most part, warm subtropical climates exist during the year and summers are long, hot and dry. In Mallorca, temperatures can reach 40 °C in the summer with winters average daily temperature is around 15 °C.

The Mediterranean coastline of Spain is similar to the Balearic Islands, with average air temperatures and warmth increasing the further south you travel. The south Mediterranean coast of Spain is subject to the hot winds from the coastlines of Africa during summer which can be sometimes unpleasant aboard your vessel. Rain fall is more common during Spring and Autumn, whilst winters tend to range from 4-13°C over the course of a day and night.