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Yacht Vacations Algarve - Sail alond Portugal's Coast

The Algarve is sunny and warm charter area with great sailing conditions almost year-round.

  • Beginner's district
  • Good infrastructure
  • Modern Marinas
  • Easy navigation
  • Sailing available throughout most of the year
Sailing Vacations Algarve - Portugal

Atlantic Oceans finest sunny district

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal. It is located in the far southwest of Europe and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The south coast of Portugal extends from Cabo de Sao Vicente in Sagres, 155 km to the Rio Guadiana on the border of Spain. Further east it is followed by a wide bay on the Gulf of Cadiz. The west coast of the Algarve measures 52 km from north to south and makes up a large part of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejo e Costa Vicentina. The coastline is extremely diverse and can be divided roughly into two parts: Sotavento, that is sheltered from the wind, and Balavento that faces the wind. Sotavento is the eastern part between Faro and the Spanish border. This area is also known as "Sand Algarve", because of its sandy beaches and large lagoons. The Barlavento, also called "Rock Algarve", is the western part between the Faro and the Cabo de Sao Vicente. This area consists of high cliffs, with reddish-yellow rock formations and coves. Spectacular views of the coastline can be seen by boat.

Many good marinas and moorings

There is a good sailing infrastructure for Yacht Charter in the Algarve. Along the south coast there are safe harbors and modern, well equipped marinas that are positioned at convenient distances from one another. It is possible to charter from Portimao, Lagos and Faro (Vilamoura), and there are a wide range of boats available. Other harbors are located in Vila Real and Olhao Sagres. In the bay of Lagos, the Marina de Lagos has a well-protected harbor entrance and space for 462 yachts. East of Lagos is the natural harbor of Portimao on the river Aride. It is located 3 nautical miles inland in a protected location and is considered the safest harbor in Portugal. Marina de Portimao has 620 berths and is a good starting point for yacht charter. Vilamoura, with 1,000 moorings is currently the largest marina in southern Portugal. The modern marina offers excellent service and is also suitable as a permanent mooring. 

Sailing area and good charter destination for beginners and profi

Vilamoura is located 12 nautical miles west of Faro and is about 20 km from the airport. Slightly further north is the port of Lisbon, which also has many boats available for hire. Furthermore, there is a modern marina in Cascais with 600 moorings that provides a comprehensive service. It is worth taking a trip to the Guadiana and the Portuguese capital Lisbon. If you find the Algarve area insufficient and would like to experience blue water sailing, you can plan a longer trip to nearby islands. The Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands can be reached in six days. However excursions of this kind on the open sea are only recommended to experienced sailing crews. The Algarve is a sunny district and provides good sailing conditions for most of the year. The sea area is straightforward and easy to navigate. Compared to the north, the waters are calm and the waves are moderate with weak swells. The sailing area is suited to beginners and less experienced sailing crews.

Marinas and harbours along the Algarve coast  

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Sailing Routes Algarve

The Portuguese Algarve provides a lovely atmosphere for sailing. Travelling by boat from Portimao you can see Faro, Lagos, Tavira and some beautiful off shore islands. You can begin your trip from Marina de Portimao. Portimao is a historic seaside town with long sandy beaches and a picturesque castle overlooking the harbor. There are many coves and grottoes in the area that are inaccessible by foot and perfect for exploration by boat...
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Airports nearby Algarve

  • Faro Airport to Marina de Vilamoura: 23,8 km, 33 minutes
  • Lisbon Airport to Doca de Alcântara: 13,9 km, 21 minutes
  • Portimao Airport to Marina de Portimão: 8,1 km, 18 minutes
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Climate & Weather in Algarve

It is possible to sail in The Algarve throughout the entire year. Spring begins in January, and the summers are long and warm, with average temperatures of 27 °C. In autumn and winter the weather is mild with an average temperature of 16 °C. Water temperatures fluctuate between 15 °C and 21 °C. In the morning the wind is weak and in the afternoon there is a moderate breeze of up to 5 Bft. In the summer the wind usually comes from the Northwest. Overall, the Algarve offers fine sailing conditions all year round.

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