Route Suggestion Portugal - Sailing in the Algarve

A little trip in the Portuguese Algarve from Portimao

The Portuguese Algarve provides a lovely environment for sailing. Travelling by boat from Portimao you can see Faro, Lagos, Tavira and some beautiful off shore islands. The calm seas and short distances between ports and anchorages allow for relaxed sailing. The coast is lined with hidden coves, golden beaches and interesting towns.

  1. Portimao - Begin your trip
  2. Lagos - Sail to hidden coves
  3. Faro - Sample local cuisine and explore the old town
  4. The islands of Barreta, Culatra or Tavira - Swim in the clear waters
  5. Olhao - Visit the market
  6. Ayamante - See the border town


You can begin your trip from Marina de Portimao. Portimao is a historic seaside town with long sandy beaches and a picturesque castle overlooking the harbor. There are many coves and grottoes in the area that are inaccessible by foot and perfect for exploration by boat - It is worth taking a detour to Lagos as it is surrounded by many splendid coves. The city of Faro is around 44 nautical miles from Portimao and has a lively harbor. There are lots of waterfront cafes and an interesting old town to explore. The islands of Barreta and Culatra over the lagoon have nice beaches and clear waters to swim in. Tavira is a larger nearby island that is popular with tourists and has some facilities. Olhao, further east is a fishing port where you can browse the renowned fish market and pick up something for supper. Finally, it is worth taking a look at the town of Ayamante on the border between Portugal and Spain, to briefly see the Spanish Algarve.

Sailing Conditions

The sheltered coastline of the Algarve provides calm seas and a steady breeze from the north. There are many safe anchorages and port towns to retreat to in the event of a sudden change in weather.


  • Marina de Portimao
  • Marina de Vilamoura


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Sailing in the Portuguese Algarve
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