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Though its waterways may be less famous than the Mecklenburg Lake District, Brandenburg has a quiet charm that is all its own. From the historic engineering marvel of the Finow Canal to the sprawling lakes and rivers of the Havelland, boating enthusiasts will find plenty here to impress.

The Oasis of Lakes - Brandenburg
Brandenburg, one of Germany’s sixteen federal states, lies in the north east of the country and is the former heart of historic Prussia. Although it surrounds the bustling metropolis of Berlin, which is a good option for the arrival, Brandenburg itself is an oasis of lakes, canals, and gentle countryside.
When boating in the north, you can expect peace and quiet, even in the middle of summer. The tranquil district of Neuruppin is home to the Finow Canal, one of the oldest artificial waterways in Europe. Sailing a houseboat here will allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding forests and sprawling hills that were formed by glacial epoch. The Finow Canal is famous for its locks and ship hoist which, when combined with the industrial markers along the banks, will give you the sense of being in another century.

Brandenburg deserves the title alongside Müritz of the best lake distric, it is the less travelled and simply as beautiful a route to enjoy sailing.

The delights of boating in Havel and Berlin
Fürstenberg/Havel, just south of the Mecklenburg Lake District is another ideal location from which to charter a boat. Here, the Havel runs through the town in several channels with an old working lock in the centre. Visitors to Fürstenberg can also pay their respects at the Ravensbrück concentration camp, which was built to incarcerate women and children during the Second World War. The memorial site displays several sculptures and some of the original barrack buildings.
On the other side of Berlin, two rivers shape the boating opportunities: the Dahme in the south-east and the Havel in the west. Follow the Dahme south from Königs Wusterhausen and you will reach Prieros and the Dahme Heideseen Natural Park. Here, the Storkower Canal branches off the Dahme with numerous cosy landing docks. Further on, the Dahme opens into a series of increasingly larger lakes until you reach Teupitzer See, with its hidden coves and islands. This lake is easy to navigate and particularly popular with fishermen.

Canals and the Seas of Brandenburg
To the west, the Havel winds through the countryside from Potsdam through the Havelland lakes and rivers. These scenic waters are draped with willows and surrounded by lush meadows. There are also interesting towns to dock at, such as Rathenow, famous for making bricks from the Havel clay.
Brandenburg an der Havel lies in the midst of lakes, flanked by Beetzsee to the north and Breitlingsee and Plauersee to the west. As well as the Havel, a canal snakes through the centre of the city, making it an excellent destination to visit by boat. Mooring opportunities are plentiful, so take the chance to dock and explore, paying a visit to the old cathedral on the island or wandering across the many bridges. More tips for trips in Brandenburg you can find here

I never imagined that Germany could be so beautiful - the rivers and lakes of Havel are simply stunning.

Marinas und Häfen in der Umgebung 

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Marina Schoners Wehr (Brandenburg an der Havel) Boat Centre Chlupka (Brandenburg an der Havel) Marina Röblinsee ( Fürstenberg) Boathouse Himmelpfort (Fürstenberg) Marina Pian ( Fürstenberg) Marina Lychen Stadtsee (Lychen) Marina Ketzin (Ketzin) Marina Senzig (Senzig)

Airports nearby Brandenburg

  • Berlin-Tegel Airport
  • Berlin-Schönefeld Airport
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Climate & Weather in Brandenburg

Brandenburg is beautiful in summer, with temperatures averaging highs of up to 24º in July. However, this month also sees the most precipitation, averaging 75 mm. In spring and autumn, the weather can be mild, with highs of around 19º in May and 18º in September. In particular, spring is a beautiful time to see the countryside around the lakes and rivers come to life after the long, cold winter. Yachting and boating is less popular in those months, when temperatures will frequently dip below zero and many waterways will freeze over.