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British Virgin Islands - Perfect Yacht Vacation Destination

The British Virgin Islands are a perfect charter destination for a luxury Caribbean yachting experience. With volcanic peaks playing home to national parks, stunning coral reefs, and a year-round tropical climate, there’s never a bad time to visit.

  • beautiful sandy beaches 
  • Caves, ruins and impressive rock formations
  • well equipped marinas
  • Diving and snorkeling lessons available
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Get Ready for an Unforgettable Yacht Holiday in the BVI - an archipelago of over sixty islands wants to be discovered!

From the rugged volcanic mountains of Tortola to the flat coral reefs and limestone of Anegada, the British Virgin Islands contain diverse and stunning scenery, ideal for exploring by yacht. The territory is made up of an archipelago of over sixty islands, of which more than 40 are uninhabited. Visitors can relax on a lazy beach holiday, live it up in a luxury resort experience, or explore untouched Dutch settlements and sugar mills. 
The largest island in the chain, Tortola, is also the capital of the British Virgin Islands. With picturesque white-sand beaches and lush green mountainous slopes, it offers a classic Caribbean getaway. Water sports are popular, with opportunities for scuba diving, windsurfing and kayaking, or you can simply relax on a palm-shaded beach. Long Bay in the west is perfect for strolling by sunset or visit Brewer’s Bay in the north-west of the island to snorkel amongst colourful reefs.

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Amazing Yacht Vacation in the BVI - Sailing in the BVI

British Virgin Island is a perfect destination for sailing holiday in the Caribbean. Beautiful outlook over and under the water - Tortola is a home to Sage Mountain National Park. As the tallest peak in all the Virgin Islands, it offers panoramic views across the water and surrounding islands. Sage Mountain is so tall it creates its own rain systems, allowing tropical Caribbean rain forest to thrive on the north-west slopes. Here, you can explore twelve trails which snake between trees of white cedar and mahogany.
To the east of Tortola lies Virgin Gorda—so named because Christopher Columbus believed the island looked like a fat woman reclining. This idyllic destination has a variety of high-end yacht clubs, including the Bitter Edge Yacht Club in the north, accessible only by boat. It’s also home to a number of protected parks. In the south-west, boaters can dock at the mooring buoys to access Devil’s Bay National Park, famous for its snorkelling opportunities and seabirds.


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The Most Popular Places to Sail in British Virgin Islands - Old wrecks make navigating challenging

The only coral island in the chain, Anegada is low-lying, reaching only 28-feet above sea level at its highest point. Here, you will find a score of unusually named beaches, such as Flash of Beauty and Cow Wreck Beach, which are sheltered by the vast Horseshoe Reef. The waters are rich with sea life and team with rays, needle fish and mojarra, as well as technicolour coral. Anegada is also a haven for wreck divers, with Spanish galleons and British warships resting on the ocean floor. Sailors should take particular care navigating Anegada’s surrounding waters—the shallow reefs are very dangerous and boats frequently run aground.
For a different pace of holiday, the unspoiled and rugged Jost Van Dyke island is rich with folklore. The sugar mills, once the industry of the island, are now overgrown with thick vegetation and there are numerous trails for visitors to wander. In the east, the sea forms a natural jacuzzi for bathers to enjoy and yachters may catch sight of whales and dolphins frolicking in the water. Jost Van Dyke is also famous for its cuisine, including flying fish sandwiches and The Painkiller: the Caribbean’s most legendary cocktail. Jost Van Dyke’s Great Harbour is an ideal destination for a New Year’s Eve holiday—the yacht parties that take place here are famous throughout the world.


Ports and marinas in the area 

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Port Purcell (Road Town) Wickhams Cay II (Road Town) Nanny Cay Marina (Road Town) Hodges Creek Marina (Maya Cove) Soper's Hole Marina (Soper's Hole) Trellis Bay Harbour (Trellis Bay) Great Harbour (Jost Van Dyke) Bitter End Yacht Club (Bitter End) Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour (Spanish Town) Great Harbour (Jost Van Dyke)

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Airports nearby British Virgin Islands

Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (früher: Beef Island Tortola Airport, Tortola) Auguste George Airport (Anegada) Virgin Gorda Airport (Virgin Gorda) Cyril E. King Airport (Amerikanische Jungferninseln)

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Climate & Weather in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands enjoy a tropical climate year-round, with low humidity and average highs ranging from 26º in January to 31º in July and August. This climate is moderated by easterly trade winds. Rainfall varies, but in general September to November are the wettest months. Between June and November, it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean, so sailors should pay particular attention to weather reports. However, in recent years hurricanes have had little effect on the British Virgin Islands aside from some localised flooding.