Route Suggestion Tortola – Sailing along the British Virgin Islands

Route Suggestion Tortola - Sailing the surrounding islands of the British Virgin Islands

Ahoy me hearties! Is the pirate life is for you? This trip from Tortola will take you on an island adventure into the heart of the Caribbean.

  1. Road Town - Collect the boat, supplies, and bottles of rum to fill your tum from the town
  2. Norman Island - Or Treasure Island. Anchor at the Bight and explore the caves
  3. Peter Island - Honeymoon beach or a meal at Dead Man’s Beach Bar
  4. Dead Chest Island - Don’t get left to perish like Captain Blackbeard’s men!
  5. Salt Island - Dive to the wreck of RMS Rhone
  6. Cooper Island - Anchor at Manchioneel Bay and snorkel on the reefs
  7. Ginger Island - Take in the beauty of the uninhabited Island and swim in wonderland
  8. Brandy Wine Bay - Relax on the sands before returning to Road Town


Road Town Harbour, the capital of the British Virgin Islands is the best place to begin a charter to the surrounding islands from Tortola. After setting sail, make your first stop at legendary Norman Island, a former pirate den and the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. You can anchor at the Bight and then explore the famous treasure caves. From Norman Island it is easy to sail the short distance to Peter Island. On this island you will find Honeymoon beach, listed as one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in the world. But if watching the sun set behind the ocean isn’t your thing, enjoy a hearty meal in Dead Man’s Beach Bar and Grill like the blood thirsty pirate you are! From Peter Island, we suggest sailing to Dead Chest Island where according to folk lore, Captain Blackbeard left 15 of his men to perish. Next, Salt Island - home to the wreck of the RMS Rhone. Scuba trips go to the wreck from Salt Island and it is possible to dive amongst the ruins. Be aware that the area is a national park so it is not possible to anchor here. On nearby Cooper Island you can anchor at Manchioneel Bay. Cooper Island is surrounded by coral reefs and is a great snorkeling spot. Nearby Ginger Island is an uninhabited island with more out of this world snorkeling opportunities, the best being called ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on South Bay. Finally, if exploration has tired you out, relax on the sands of Brandy Wine Bay before rejoining the land lubbers back at Road Town.

Sailing Conditions

This is the perfect route for a family adventure or a first bareboat charter. The sheltered Sir Francis Drake Channel has calm seas and is a good area for beginners. Be sure to anchor safely by nightfall as navigation is done by sight, and make yourself aware of unsafe or sensitive sea areas unsuitable for anchorage. This route is perfect for a short family adventure or group charter to explore the area.


  • Inner Harbour Marina, Road Town
  • Peter Island Marina, Sprat Bay


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