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Germany’s second largest lake, Müritz, covers 117 km² in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north of the country. Surrounded by historic towns and a vast national park full of rare flora and fauna, it makes for a popular boating destination for sailors of all levels.

The Small Sea - Müritz

The Mecklenburg Lake District is the biggest area of lakes in central Europe, with over 1000 lakes including Müritz: “the small sea”. The lake is excellent for water sports and sailing, but is even more famous for its areas of unspoilt natural beauty. East of the shoreline of Lake Müritz stretches Müritz National Park: 660 kilometres of trails running through the ancient beech forests of north-east Germany. Visitors exploring the marshlands and numerous lakes (over 130) may be rewarded by sightings of rare birds, including endangered eagles. There are hides built into the landscape from which you can observe the wildlife. The pathways of the national park are ideal for strolling or cycling, or you can boat along the Havel or Alte Fahrt circular route to discover the area by water. The lake itself offers a variety of sailing opportunities. In the east, the bays are shallow, whereas the west divides in inlets, such as the Bay of Sietow. For those wishing to explore further afield, the Müritz-Elde Waterway runs from Buchholz to the River Elbe, passing through Müritz on the way. It offers exceptional views of some less-developed areas with clear waters that are easy to traverse

The great sailing experiences of Mecklenburg

In the north of Müritz lies the town of Waren, the former district capital and home to many beautiful old buildings. Dock in one of the many marinas that surround the town—Yachthafen Waren and im jaich are located right in the centre, or choose Sail Point further round the coast for stunning views of the bay. From here, you can explore the town’s 14th-century churches and historic water towers, or head to a thermal spa for a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. The town is also home to the Müritzeum, a nature discovery centre with a huge freshwater aquarium where you can see all the rare aquatic species of Mecklenburg. In May, Müritz plays host to Müritz-Sail, a large maritime festival taking place in the old harbour of Waren. Celebrating the history of boating commerce and life on the water, the festival attracts over 65,000 visitors annually and includes sailing contests, dragon boat racing, naval parades, seaplanes, jet skiing, and fireworks on the water.


Sailing by the National Park and feeding the rarely seen Bald Eagles was a highlight for the kids!

Tradition and Houseboating in Müritz

Travelling by boat also offers incredible views of the Schloss Klink, a Neo-Renaissance castle. Built in 1898, the building formerly served as a convalescence home for those injured by war, but recently it has been refurbished and reopened as a hotel and restaurant. Also worth a visit is Röbel on the western shore. The town has charming Gothic architecture, thatched boathouses, and a medieval centre to explore. There is also a rich Jewish history to be discovered in the half-timbered former synagogue in the old town. As well as yachting opportunities, Müritz also lends itself perfectly to exploration by other boats. The Müritz-Elde Waterway is one of the most popular houseboat destinations in Germany, with its peaceful landscapes and stunning vistas, and few locks mean it is particularly suitable for beginners. It’s also possible to hire motorboats to explore the lake, providing you don’t sail them into the national park. The boundaries of this are marked by yellow buoys in the water. If you fancy a more energetic experience, paddle boats are available at many of the lakeside destinations, including Müritzparadies in the east near the national park.


Müritz-Sail is my favourite festival - the dragon boat racing is definitely a must-see part of this day.

Harbours and Marinas in Müritz 

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  • Yachthafen Waren (Waren)
  • im jaich (Waren)
  • Sail Point (Waren)
  • Müritz Marina Wohnpark (Sietow)
  • Ferienzentrum Yachthafen Rechlin (Rechlin)

Airports nearby Mueritz

  • Parchim International Airport
  • Rostock Airport
  • Neubrandenburg Airport
  • Heringsdorf Airport
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Climate & Weather in Mueritz

Müritz enjoys a temperate climate, with warm summers averaging highs of up to 24º. Spring and autumn can be ideal times to explore the nature reserve, when temperatures are reasonably mild and the marshlands are flourishing. In winter, temperatures drop below freezing and boating in many of the waterways becomes impossible.

The town of Waren, on the banks of Müritz, is a Luftkurort, or climatic spa. This means the air and climate quality are particularly conducive to rest and good health and perfect for a relaxing boat ride.