Yacht Vacation with Kids - Safe Sailing With Children | When going on a family holiday at sea, it is important to make sure that the experience will be safe and enjoyable for children too. We have a few tips:


When choosing a sailing area, it is important to take into consideration the age of the accompanying children. Areas around the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea as well as central and south Dalmatia are suitable for children under the age of 12. In these areas you can sail in short stages and there are plenty of opportunities for on shore excursions. This allows young children to move around a lot and experience variety.



Play, fun and excitement. Children on board - sailing and yachting with Kids | Children need a lot of movement to grow and learn. It is advisable to begin day trips early in the morning, so that the children do not become restless and have time to discover, play and experience the shore and the beach.

You can do a lot on board and on land to entertain children, you can paint, play and learn so remember to pack stimulating materials. You can gather shells and stones to create jewellery, collages and trinkets. It is worth taking along paper, scissors, glue, pins and needle and thread. Fishing is also fun - a stick, some wire and a small hook with bait can be enough to bring a fish or shrimp out of the water. Storytelling is a great way to pass the time, and sending a message in a bottle creates a wonderful sense of adventure. Making a diary also helps the children learn and remember their sailing holiday. For children who are more interested in playing, you should have playing cards, puzzles and games on board. Don’t forget chargers and batteries for electronic games. You can also include children in the day-to-day work on board. Doing this kids can learn about sailing and have fun with the adults. Sometimes you can entrust group tasks to the children and they can make a kind of "child crew". For this they can have a group name, a motto and make a logo for their flag. On land you can organize a treasure hunt adventure for the kids by drawing a treasure map and hiding treasures for them to find.


Packing for a regular vacation is tough but packing for sailing trip with children it can be a challenge. Children need familiar things when they travel. Don’t forget their favourite cuddly toy or blanket. In addition to games and activities, pack snorkelling and beach equipment such as towels, hats, bathing suits, beach balls and snorkels. Don’t forget the sunscreen to protect their sensitive skin! Special life jackets for children should be worn on board at all times (especially by children under 10 years old). You can book them while you book your yacht vacation or directly at the charter base.


It is a good idea to have some medicine suitable for children on board in case they become ill. Eg. paracetamol, waterproof plasters and ointment.


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