Yacht Captain Wiki - Brush up on your nautical knowledge and make sure you know your port from your starboard before setting sail. You can also find information on boat licensing and managing the sailing responsibilities.

Informations for Skipper - All you need to know if you are the Captain on the boat |

Boat Licensing

International Boat Licensing | International Boat Licensing
Houseboat Licensing | Houseboat Licensing
Which license is required when chartering a boat in Germany? | German Boat Licensing

Visa and Insurance |

Visa and Insurance

Skipper Liability Insurance | Skippers Liability Insurance
Insurance for Yacht Charter | Insurance for Yacht Charter
Visa Requirements | Visa Requirements

Important Informations for Skipper - Important to know if you are the Captain |

Nautical Terminology, Weather

Nautical Lexicon | Nautical Lexicon
Nautical Control Panel | Nautical Control Panel
Sea Weather Forecast | Sea Weather Forecast

Safety Boating - Stay safe on the Yacht |

Safety 1st

Children on board - yachting with Kids | Children on Board
Seasickness on board | Seasickness on board
First Aid Kit | First Aid Kit
In case of Emergency | In case of Emergency
Medical Requirements | Medical Requirements

Chartering a Yacht - Documents and Checklists |

Checklists & Documents

Yacht Charter Checklists - Planing Yacht Vacations | Yacht Charter Checklists
Yacht Charter Agreement | Charter Agreement

Sailing Itineraries and Yacht Vacation Destinations |

Yachts, Destinations & Itineraries

Yacht Charter Vacation Destinations and Sailing Itineraries | Sailing Itineraries & Destinations
Most Popular Yacht Charters Worldwide | Most Popular Yacht Charters and Rentals

Yacht Charters, Yacht Rentals and Boat Charters |

Charter Yachts

Sailboat Charters - Sailing Yacht Rentals | SAILBOATS | Sailing Yachts
Catamaran Charters & Rentals | CATAMARANS | Sail- & Powercats
Motor Yacht & Motor Boat Charters | MOTORBOATS | Motor Yachts
Houseboat Rentals | HOUSEBOATS | Canal Boats

Yacht Charter FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions |

Yacht Charter FAQ

Yacht Charter FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

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