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The most beautiful spot is in the west of Corsica. Sailing season is from April to early October.

  • Limited Charter possibilities
  • In places very demanding
  • Difficult wind conditions
  • 1200 km of coastline

Corsica is a French Mediterranean island west of Italy, north of Sardinia and southeast of the French mainland. The distance between the Strait of Bonifacio in the south of Corsica and Sardinia is only 12 km. Corsica has an area of 8680 km ² and apart from Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. The island has a 1200 km long coastline, which is made up of rocky coasts, bays and beaches. Corsica is very mountainous and consists largely of high mountains. The island has an average altitude of 568 meters and the highest mountain is Monte Cinto at 2706 meters. Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica and lies on the south west coast. Other major cities are the port cities of Bastia, Bonifacio, the southernmost city (Bunifaziu), the northwestern port town of Calvi, the ancient capital of Corte (Corti) and Sart (SART), which is considered the most typically Corsican of Corsican towns. Along the 1200 km long coastline, the island offers a reasonable number of ports and marinas. Yachtcharter Corsica on the southeast coast, and there are many beautiful bays in which to drop anchor. However, on the west side there are fewer ports and bays with little protection. In Corsica, the charter bases are small with a modest range of yachts. Alternatives can be found in the charter bases on the islands of Elba, Sardinia and the Italian mainland.

In the south of Corsica is the Strait of Bonifacio, a strait that separates Corsica and Sardinia. Here the coast is very rugged and large white cliffs tower over the sea. By boat one can access many interesting coves between the cliffs. The Strait of Bonifacio is a dream destination for sailors, as because of the nozzle effect there is always a sailing wind. It is worth a trip to the Maddalene Archipelago, a stunning group of islands off the north coast of Sardinia. The islands of Lavezzi, Monaci, Bruzzi and Cerbicale have bizarre natural formations, countless bays and white sandy beaches.

Marinas and harbours in the Corsica sailing area 

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  • Juan le Pins Harbour
  • Port Pile
  • Propriano Harbour
  • Ajaccio Harbour
  • Macinaggio Harbour
  • Bonifacio Harbour
  • Calvi Harbour

Sailing Routes Corsica

It is easy to see why Corsica is referred to as the ‘Île de beauté’. Magnificent medieval towns overlook the ocean against the backdrop of green hills and mountain ranges. Macinaggio is a typically lovely Corsican port town from which to begin your journey. From Macinaggio we suggest sailing to Saint-Florent, a small historic coastal town... more

Airports nearby Corsica

  • Côte d'Azur Airport 
  • Calvi Airport 
  • Figari Airport
  • Le Castellet Airport 
  • La Mole Airport
  • Propriano Airport 
  • Bastia-Poretta Airport 


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Climate & Weather in Corsica

From a navigational point of view eastern Corsica is a relatively easy sail. Shoals and other hazards have sufficient buoyage. The flows are normal and the tides have a small range of 10 to 30 cm. However, the winds depending on the direction can change water levels considerably. In the summer months the: Tramontana, Mistral (mistral), Grecale, Levante, Scirocco, Libeccio (Libeccu) and Ponente winds occur. Challenging winds are the mistral, which blows from the northwest, and the Libeccio from the southwest. Since there are only a few protected harbors and bays on the west coast, it is possible to get into difficult situations. For each sailing trip you should consider the different wind directions and the varying wind strengths carefully. Corsica is a beautiful sailing area and is suitable for both professionals and beginners. As the sailing conditions are quite demanding on the west coast and in the Strait of Bonifacio, it is recommended that less experienced yacht charter crews sail in the southeastern area. Athletic sailors will enjoy a trip around the island.