How to use our Partner Area - Yachtico Booking System

Dear Partner,

Thank you for your continued partnership with We are excited to introduce you to our Partners Area - Yachtico Booking System.

You can use this feature anytime to easily make adjustments to the pricing and availability information of your boats on our site. Having up to date and accurate data is critical to having your boats booked live on our platform. When we know that your prices are accurate and up to date, online customers can book without us having to confirm prices via email or phone, saving you vast amounts of time and energy.

This instruction walks you through all of the steps until you are comfortable using the page.

If you have any questions or hesitations at all please feel free to call at +49 305 770 6644 or email us any time at tom-ä

Ready to try? – Here is how:

Step 1: Follow the link to the Partners Area Login Page


Choose your language

Before you start editing, please choose your language. You can do that in the upper right corner.



Step 2: Login with Assigned Password

You will have received an email from containing an initial password. Please enter your company email, then initial password from and press Enter. 


Step 3: Create a New Password

At this point you will be prompted to create a new password. You cannot continue on to the Partners Area without completing this step. *If you ever lose your password, do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you a temporary password so that you can create a new one.



Step 4: Using the Price Editing Home Page

After creating your new password you will be logged into the Price Editing Home Page. Here you should see a list of all of the boats that you have for charter on




In the diagram, you can now see the highest price (red), the lowest price (green), and your price (blue). You now have an overview of where your price is in relation to your competitors.



If you have several boats listed on, you can use the filters on the right hand side of the page to have a smaller list organized by City, Model of Boat, Construction Year, or Number of cabins. You can easily reset the filters by clicking the “reset all filters" button.



Step 5: Updating your Prices

Now that you are logged in and you have created an easily manageable list of your boats to work with you are ready to update you prices. Click the “update prices” button for the boat that you would like to edit.



You will first need to create your Pricing Period. There are no requirements for the number of pricing periods. You can go month to month, season to season, whatever you prefer. You just need to make sure that every day in the calendar it covered. To create a new pricing period click the “add a new period” button.



When you have created a new period you can edit the pricing period by clicking on the month or on the "edit" button. When you click on the month a drop down calendar will appear. You can click on the date that you would like to be the start of the period. Then you can click on the date that you would like to be the end of the period. The dates you have selected should be highlighted in blue as shown below.



After you have created the period you can enter the price for your period. Simply click on the empty “price per day” field and enter your price, then do the same for “price per week” and select your currency by clicking the drop down arrow (there is only a choice of US Dollar and Euro). If at any point you have created a price period you do not want, you can easily delete the period by clicking the delete button. You can also save your work as you go by clicking the "save" button. This button only saves chances to your personal Price Editing page. When you have finished editing the price of the boat you can click the "close" button.



Step 6: Saving Your Changes to

When you are satisfied with the changes you have made to all of your boats, you can click on the “Update on Yachtico” button.



Step 7: Using the booking calendar

To access the booking calendar, click on the "booking calendar" in the top navigation on the left. Here you will find all boats and yachts added by you.



By clicking on "update bookings" you can now see all bookings for the chosen boat for the whole year.



To change from the year view to month view, click on "Overview - Year" next to the selected boot and select the time period you want to have displayed and press on “show”.



Step 8: Add booking

In order to add a booking to the booking calendar, click the button (orange) "add booking"



To enter a period, click on the date displayed on the bottom left under the heading "from - to". Enter the booking by clicking on the start date and then the end date. The entered time should now be highlighted in blue.



Next, select the check-in and check-out time off. The booking status shows the current status. Here you have the choice between available (light blue), booked (green) and reserved (yellow). Furthermore, you can also specify the name of the customer, as well as the current payment status here. After each booking entered save the process.

With two buttons on the far right you can either edit or delete your entered bookings.



To complete a single process you have to save the task by pressing the "Save"-button. Are all bookings entered in the calendar then press the final "update on Yachtico"- button.



Step 9: Uploading images

Images are essential for display on More good and meaningful images will bring you more bookings. To assign images to your boats, go to the booking calendar. In the row for each boat you will find a button with an image as symbol on the far right. Click here to start the image-upload.



Pick your images: Select the images by clicking "Browse". You can upload several pictures together. Just mark all images you would like to upload. By clicking on the sample-image you will get a rough overview on how many images would be nice and from which perspective. Then click on "upload".



Once you have selected all the images for the respective boot click "upload".



When you are done editing prices, bookings and images you can logout by pressing the "logout" button. 



If at any point in the process you have a question your can call us or click on the email us button in the red box. The following page will appear.



You can send us any of your questions to be answered shortly. How_to_Partner_contact_form


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