Nautical Control Panel

Here you will find all nautical commands with the appropriate responses and actions at a glance.

action / maneuvers




setting sail 
• set sail to make clear / clear to set the sail
• ready to set sail
• clear case for large
• hot in the mainsail
• clear at jib halyard
• heat the fock
• sail clear to set
• large case clear
• jib halyard clear
• boat is in the wind
• set the mainsail first and after the jib
• on valk mainsail to port, jib to prove on starboard
salvage sail 
• make sail clear for salvage / clear to salvage the sail
• clear at jib halyard
• get down fock
• clear for large case
•  get down mainsail
• sails are clear to salvage  • boat is in the wind
• set the mainsail first and after the jib
• on valk mainsail to port, jib to prove on starboard
• (sails are set) - ready to drop
• clear at bow line
• clear at eighth line
• bow line off
• eight line odd
• jib back to starboard / port
• on the fock
• get to the sheets on half wind
• clear
• bow line clear
• eigth line clear
• clear
• clear
• pushing off the bow in any direction
• rudder blade in the desired direction (opposite to hold back fock)
• if the boat is rotated sufficiently away from the wind, jib above, sheets close, tiller amidships
offshore in wind
• clear to land
• clear at bow line, fenders, boat hooks
• fier on the sheets
• clear
• bow line, fenders, boat hooks are clear
• with half wind take about three boat lengths distance from the bridge
• spring up: all sheets gotta have lots
• if too much ride: big tree pressing against wind
• boat with boat hooks never stop with the hand
• too little ride: action decided to cancel and start again
onshore wind
• ready to spring up
• fier on the sheets
• get down mainsail
• after sail on get the direction of the web: get down
• jib
• clear • spring up near the bridge about five boat lengths
• salvage the mainsail
• jib proceed with the wind
• salvage the fock three boat lengths in front of bridge
coil up
• ready to spring up
• fier on the pods
• clear • lay the boat resolutely in the wind and keep it there
• jib and main sheet loose (both must be able to run out)
• boat is supplied on on wind course to the target
• clear to turn
• ree
• over the fock
• clear • give the notice timely
• foredeck person give the command when everything is clear
• at "Ree" place rowing evenly and smooth, not over 45 °
• foredeck person  changes first, then mate after cruising through the wind
• jib get tight until it blows on a new bug to Lee
• clear to shift
• get the mainsheet tight
• round aft
• get to foredeck on the starboard / port
• clear • before the action: coxswain go on leeward helm
• ferform action only when incident fock (ship lies just before the wind)
• coxswain pushes the tiller with each outer knees away from the tree
• coxswain gets tight sheet if fock cross
• command "stern round" if tree stands amidships
• mainsheet easing slowly and rudder set
• rudder with tiller away from the tree
• course record from the wind
• clear to jibe
• fier on the pods
• get mainsheet tight
• round aft
• fier on the mainsheet
• clear • conduct actual neck slowly, quietly take longer before the wind and the mainsail sheets in peace
man overboard
• man overboard
• Warsaw man (name person)
• fier on the pods on downwind courses
• ree
• over the sails
• fier on the pods in half wind course
• ready to spring up
• fier on the pods
• acquisition of the man on the starboard / port

• clear





• got the person

• the boat has to come almost to a halt at the man
• coxswain is targeting the man on a parallel to the midship line (bearing point looking at the Valken bow cleat, not at the mast)
• recording the person dinghy over the stern, otherwise also possible on the side



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