Route Suggestion: Along the Canal du Midi in France

Travel by barge on the Canal du Midi, France

The Canal du Midi in the south of France runs from Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea with a length of 240km. This quiet inland waterway is ideal for a houseboat vacation. Renting a houseboat and cruising along the French canals is a great change of pace from everyday life, and a wonderful way to take in the stunning scenery of southern France. In 1996, the Canal was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will see many old castles, palaces and churches along the waterway.

  1. Toulouse - The Halles Victor Hugo
  2. Haute-Garonne - Alternative for buying supplies
  3. Montgiscard
  4. Alternative: Baziège - The old hunting lodge of Catherine de Medici (which can be visited by appointment)
  5. Négra - Interesting local architecture
  6. Avignonet-Lauragais - The Église de Notre Dame des Miracles, and Église de Saint Brice churches
  7. Castelnaudary - Popular anchor and starting port for cruises. Visit the historic town with its narrow streets
  8. Villepinte - One of the many locks on the way
  9. Alzonne
  10. Carcassone - The walls of the town have a fort-like appearance


On the waterway through the tree-lined boardwalks

Especially in the early and late season you will find numerous secluded spots along the canal, although the shops and restaurants may have limited opening times. The surrounding landscape is lush and green with towpaths leading to vineyards and beautiful countryside.


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