Route Suggestion Sweden – Sail in the Stockholm Archipelago

Sailing in the Stockholm Archipelago

When the sun is shining in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden, and you have the beach to yourself, you will wonder why you ever spent summer in the Mediterranean.

  1. The capital city of Stockholm
  2. Vaxholm – Explore the harbor and the 17th century fortress
  3. Finnhamn – Swimming & walking in the woods
  4. Sandhamn – Partying & the beaches of Trouville, Fläskberget and Skärkarlsham
  5. Utö – Canoeing and tasting local delicacies
  6. Dalarö – Shopping and dining in the town
  7. Return to Stockholm


Before setting sail, take time to see Stockholm, the Swedish capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Be sure to walk through the ‘Gamla Stan’, or medieval old town. See the impressive architecture of the Stadshuset (city hall), and perhaps visit the Moderna Museet or the National Museum. Vaxholm is an idyllic island characterized by a 17th Century fortress that now houses a museum. Walking through the picturesque harbor you will see prettily painted wooden houses from the turn of the century, and cafes and shops to browse in. Finnhamn is a group of islands, the main island being Stora Jolpan. It is wooded and there are some lovely walks through the broadleaf woodland. There are plenty of sandy and rocky bathing spots in the sheltered bays on Stora Jolpan and Idholmen. Sandhamn is in the outer archipelago and its beauty remains unspoiled, but it is by no means desolate and has quite a lively party scene during the summer. The beaches of Trouville, Fläskberget and Skärkarlsham are particularly nice. Next, the charming little island of Utö. It is possible to rent canoes and paddle around the island to take in the scenery, and guests should try Utö Loaf - a delicious type of bread made on the island. Dalarö in the southern archipelago is the perfect final stop. It was a popular holiday spot with artists and royalty in the 19th Century, and has many narrow and winding streets to explore. There are also lots of cafés, shops, restaurants and beaches here. Some may want to visit the Archipelago Museum to learn more about the area.

Sailing Conditions

Sailing conditions in the Stockholm Archipelago are idyllic during the summer. The waters are never rough and there is always land in sight due to the close proximity of the islands. However there can be a large amount of traffic on the water. There are also many underwater rocks so it is important to look out from warning sticks and study the relevant navigation charts.


  • Stockholm Harbour
  • Västerhamnen, Vaxholm
  • Djupfladen, Finnhamn
  • Sandhamn Guest Harbour
  • Gruvbryggan, Utö
  • Askfatshamnen, Dalarö


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