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Sweden is situated in Scandinavia, it has a total area of 449,964 square kilometers and is the fourth largest country in Europe. Sweden is bounded by the Gulf of Bothnia on the east, the Baltic Sea on the Southeast, and by the Öresund, the Kattegat, and the Skagarrak on the west. Culturally, Sweden is a country of contrasts; it is the former home of the Vikings and the birth place of the Nobel Peace Prize.  It has many traditional, tucked away towns and villages, and produces some of the most cutting edge design in the world. There is a strong maritime tradition in Sweden and the 8,000 islands and 3218 kilometers of coastline host some fantastic sailing grounds. Stockholm, Gothenburg, Gotland and the Aland Islands are popular starting points. From these places sailors can travel between vibrant cities and remote, scenic islands.

Stockholm is the Swedish capital and the country’s cultural, political and economic center. The Stockholm archipelago is a vast system of islands and islets in which to sail. Popular islands in the archipelago are: Möja, Runmarö, Nämdö, Dalarö, Finnhamn, Grinda, Husarö, Ingarö, Isö, Ljusterö, Nämndö, Rödlöga, Tynninge, Utö, Svartsö and Värmdö. The islands are close together and unaffected by tides so sailing in this area is simple and relaxing. Gothenburg is Sweden’s largest port and a good starting point from which to explore the Swedish West coast. The West coast is the sunniest part of Sweden and good weather is common here during the summer. Countless islands lie within reach of Gothenburg, but some interesting destinations are: Marstrand, Tjorn, Vinga, Rönnäng, Smögen, Skagen, Åstol, Mollosund and Gullholmen.

Gotland is a large island that lies in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Latvia. It is a unique island and a pleasant sailing spot. It is rich in history with 94 medieval churches and many prehistoric sites. There are also sandy beaches suitable for swimming. The Aland Islands are situated between Sweden and Finland - they are technically Finnish territory but Swedish is the common language. They lie in the Baltic Sea at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia, and consist of over 300 islands and 6,000 islets and skerries. Mariehamn (Finland) is the best starting point for exploration of this archipelago.


Harbours and Cities to charter a boat in Sweden 

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Depends on where you wish to start your boating vacation, you can choose here from some cities in Sweden to charter your yacht.


Sailing Routes Sweden

Start a trip from the sailing capital of Sweden, and sail to rocky islands and pretty harbors in the Gothenburg archipelago. Gothenburg is a vibrant city from which to begin your trip. It is the second largest city in Sweden, and has a cosmopolitan yet relaxed atmosphere. There are a wealth of interesting museums to visit, such as the Gothenburg City Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Maritime Museum.

Yacht Charter Route Suggestion for Gothenburg.


Airports nearby Sweden

  • Malmo-Sturup International Airport
  • Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport
  • Gothenburg City Airport
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Climate & Weather in Sweden

Sweden is affected by the Gulf Stream and experiences a relatively warm and dry climate despite its northern latitude. Southern and central parts of the country have a continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. The sailing season runs from June to September when temperatures are usually between 12 and 25°C. During this time daylight hours are long and the nights are short. The northernmost part of Sweden has a subarctic climate and temperatures can plummet to -30°C during winter.