Sailing area archipelago - Sailing off the southwest coast of Finland

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The Finnish archipelago is not an easy navigational area and extremely demanding. Ideal for sporty and adventurous sailors.

  • Good infrastructure
  • Sophisticated Navigation
  • Changeable weather conditions
  • Season: May to September
  • Varied area

The Turku archipelago is a vast network of islands in the Baltic Sea, near the city of Turku in south west Finland. In the north the archipelago reaches the Gulf of Bothina, and in the south it reaches the Gulf of Finland. It is made up of countless of rocks and islets and it is suspected that there are between 20,000 and 50,000 little islands. Finland has a good sailing infrastructure and there are many ports and marinas with all the necessary care options, and lots of suitable places to anchor. A good place to sail is between the charter bases along the Finnish south coast. The most popular marinas are Turku, Airisto, and Taalintehdas. More Yachtcharter Finland opportunities exist in Mariehamn on the Aland Islands. Alternatively charter crews can start from Sweden, where there are some good ports north-east of Stockholm. The distance is about 50 nautical miles.

The Finnish archipelago is very demanding navigationally and a real challenge for sailors. The sailing area’s buoyage takes some getting used to as the barrels are not always easy to identify. It is recommended to study sea charts in detail. The listed waters are full off rocks above and below the water, and not all of the dangerous ones are well marked. This can be hazardous and problematic when anchoring. The archipelago is a difficult area and not for beginners or less experienced charter crews.

Harbours and Marinas in Finland 

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  • Port of Helsinki
  • Turku Marina
  • Hamina Marina

Airports nearby Finland

  • Mariehamn airport to Mariehamn: 5,1 km, 10 minutes
  • Turku airport to Taalintehdas: 88,3 km, 1 hour and 24 minutes
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Climate & Weather in Finland

Sailing season runs from mid-May to mid-September in the archipelago. The weather is warmer on the islands than on the Finnish mainland. In summer the temperature ranges from 15 to 25 °C. The winds from the southwest blow weak to moderate, yet there are strong wind changes by the Cape and jet effects occur between the islands. In early summer the large temperature difference between cold water and heated air make strong sea winds and short, steep waves. The first autumn storms are expected at the end of September.