Sailing Area Istria - sailing between the Gulf of Trieste and Kvarner

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Istria region

Istria has an excellent yacht charter infrastructure and can be allowed as a sailing area for less experienced crews.

  • Very good infrastructure
  • Modern Marinas
  • Easy navigation
  • Many bays
  • Sailing Season: April to October

Istria is a large peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. It is located between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner. The largest part of Istria belongs to Croatia, a small area in the north belongs to Slovenia and the village of Muggia belongs to Italy. The landscape of the peninsula is extremely diverse. In the north the coastline is rocky and rugged whereas the landscape in the west is flat with beautiful bays along the headlands. The east coast is characterized by steep cliffs and deep waters. The coast between Trieste and Rijeka has deep Fjord-like estuaries such as the Bay of Plomin Fianona and Lim Fjord that go quite far inland. The many bays and small islands give the coast a frayed appearance. Inner Istria is characterized by narrow valleys, large forests and wide mountain ranges. The most popular spot for Yachtcharter Istria is Pula (Pola), the economic center and largest city in the Istrian Peninsula. The main attraction or tourist spot is the impressive amphitheater built under the reign of Emperor Augustus. Off the coast of Istria, a few kilometers from the town of Pula, there are the Brijuni National Park islands. The 14 islands are highly protected and known for their lush flora and fauna.

This sailing area is suitable for beginners. Navigation around the Istrian peninsula is simple, and the tides have little effect. The water level changes are usually less than 1 m. The wind during the summer months is mainly characterized by land and sea breezes that blow at 2-4 Bft. You will find a classic wind-rhythm: sea breezes during the day (Burin) and land breezes (Maestral) at night. During the day there are moderate northeast winds that stop in the evening. Istria also experiences winds such as the Yugo, the Bora and the Newera that can change sailing conditions significantly. The Jugo (also called the Scirocco or Sirocco) is a hot desert wind that comes from the south/southeast. It can build up a significant swell and restrict entry into harbors and marinas. During winter it is also possible for the Jugo to transform into the violent Bora in a very short time, a gusty wind that blows from the northeast. Because of the possible changes in winds, it is advisable to check the weather forecasts regularly (which are very good in the area). Should you be surprised by a storm, it is possible to anchor quickly in a safe place.

Airports nearby Istria region

  • Airport Pula to INA Pula Marina: 11,8 km, 20 minutes
  • Airport Pula to Rovinj: 38,4 km, 42 minutes
  • Airport Pula to Marina Funtana (bei Porec): 54,8 km, 52 minutes
  • Airport Pula to Marina Bunarina: 7,7 km, 12 minutes
  • Airport Portoroz to Portoroz: 1 km, 2 minutes
  • Airport Portoroz to Izola: 7,7 km, 13 minutes
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Climate & Weather in Istria region

In the northern Adriatic, the sailing season begins in April and ends in October or November. Summers are warm, sunny and dry and usually not too hot. There is an exceptional amount of sunshine per year. The warmest month is July with an average temperature of 23 °C. Winters are mild, with the temperature only dropping to 12 °C in January, the coldest time of the year. The water temperature fluctuates between 24 °C in August and 13 °C in February.