What will my charter contract look like?

Wondering what to expect from your contract? Legal contracts can be confusing, but we have put together a list of exactly what your charter contract from Yachtico will include. 


The contract will be between yourself and the charter company who are providing the boat.


This section will include the model of boat, year of construction and the name of the boat you are hiring. It will also include details of the charter period: the dates and times of the beginning and end of the rental, as well as the sailing area.


The total amount to be paid will be stated in the costs. Necessary extras such as: taxes, National Park fees, transit log, starter pack, final cleaning, bed linen and the security deposit will be mentioned, and it will be stated whether or not they are included in the price or to be paid on arrival.


The contract will state what percentage of the total amount needs to be paid after signing the contract and/or before the charter, as well as the account details of the bank to which the money must be paid.


Details of what insurance is included in the charter for the chosen sailing area. 


The contract will mention which license must be supplied in order to charter the boat. The contract will also state that if the charter company sees evidence that the crew is not capable of sailing the boat adequately, they can assign a skipper for the duration of the trip.

Withdrawal terms

The withdrawal terms discuss what fees may occur if the charterer withdraws from the contract and advice on travel cancellation insurance.


What condition the boat should be delivered in by the charter company, and what briefings they are to provide.

Liability and compensation claims

Your rights regarding withdrawal and refund if the charter company does not deliver an appropriate boat.

Damage reporting

The way in which the charterer should state any problems or damages to do with the boat.


The conditions of the way in which the boat must be returned, and any consequences that may occur as a result of not returning the boat in this way.

Transfers and third party claims

The circumstances under which sub-chartering is allowed, and how the charterer should protect the charter company from any third party claims.

Severability clause

The severability clause will state that if some aspects of the contract cannot be enforced, the rest of the contract remains valid. 

Place of jurisdiction

The law under which the contract is effective. In most cases, the place of jurisdiction will be Berlin, Germany or the location of the charter provider.



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