Route Suggestion Havelland – Boating along Berlin and Brandenburg

Brandenburg has more water than any other state in Germany. In addition to the many lakes and waterways, there are also cities such as Brandenburg on the Havel River and Potsdam, with a rich mix of historic landmarks and untouched nature, making it a unique destination. For a longer boat tour through the beautiful nature of the Havelland region, sailing from the German capital city of Berlin is a great way to start.

It is easy to arrive in the vibrant city of Berlin by train or by plane at any time of day or week. With many options, you will have plenty of time to get the provisions you will need on your boat for the next several days.

  1. Berlin-Mitte
  2. Berlin-Wannsee
  3. Brandenburg on the Havel
  4. Yachthafen Havelberg
  5. Pritzerber See
  6. Potsdam Havelbucht
  7. Berlin-Müggelsee


Sail along the banks of the Spree and take in the hustle and bustle of the capital until the high-rise buildings of the city slowly give way to the green landscape of the Wannsee area. Go past the Peacock Island Nature Reserve to catch a glimpse of the historical structures there dating back to the 19th century, all still perfectly preserved.

Steer your boat onto the Havel, passing by romantic natural lakes and peaceful villages. Your next stop is in Brandenburg on the Havel, the oldest town in Brandenburg with a history that reaches back more than a thousand years. Have a peek at the remarkable landmarks, monuments, beautiful parks and numerous museums as you sail by.

Back on the water, you will pass the imposing Plauer Lake and sail north on the Havel past fascinating fauna and flora. Not far from the port city of Havelberg, the quiet Havel meets the busy Elbe. Dock in the marina and then explore the cathedral, salt market and the Jewish cemetery in the town.

Back on board your boat, cruise by the magnificent Westhavelland Nature Reserve. With a short detour on the Pritzerber Lake, you can take a deep breath and forget the stresses of everyday life. On warm, sunny days, the lake practically calls for you to jump in for a swim.

Continue on your cozy vacation on the popular waterway that will soon lead you to the city of Potsdam. In the capital of Brandenburg, a longer period on shore is a must. For years, Sanssouci Palace and the baroque New Palace have been among the most popular tourist attractions in the entire region.

You can relax after this big stretch of your cruise by setting back in the direction of Berlin on the beautiful Muggelsee and reminiscing over your last few days.

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Water Conditions

In Brandenburg, you will find over 3000 natural lakes, numerous artificial ponds and excavated lakes, and more than 33,000 kilometers of rivers and streams. The annual rainfall is below 600 mm, and Brandenburg has 1600 hours of sunshine per year, making it one of the sunniest, driest areas in all of Germany.

The water temperatures in the various lakes and rivers differ only slightly. On average, the month with the warmest water temperatures July, with an average temperature of 18ºC (64ºF). The region is perfect for house- and motorboats specifically because of the ideal climate and its broad range of marinas and well-developed waterways.


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