Sailing area Fehmarn - Sailing between Kiel Bay and Mecklenburg Bay

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Germany Baltic Sea

The island of Fehmarn is a beautiful sailing area and the ideal starting point for trips along the Mecklenburg coast or in the Danish South Sea.

  • Good infrastructure
  • Modern Marinas
  • Changeable weather conditions
  • Charter season: May to September
  • Bath time: July and August

Fehmarn is the third largest island belonging to Germany and is located on the east coast of Schleswig-Holstein near the Danish border. The island lies in the Baltic Sea between Kiel Bay and Mecklenburg Bay and is connected by the Fehmarn Bridge to the mainland. Fehmarn is has an area of 185 square kilometers and has a 78 km long coastline. The landscape of the island is varied and the coastal areas have distinctive differences. In the north there are dunes and sandy beaches, whereas rocky cliffs dominate the eastern coast. The finest and whitest sand beaches are found at Wulfener Neck. The highest point of the island is the mountain Hinrichs at 27.2 m. Inland the island is characterized by green meadows and fields.

The island of Fehmarn has good sailing infrastructure. There are many beautiful anchorages in both artificial and natural bays. The best starting point for Yachtcharter Fehmarn is the Castle of depth in the south of the island where there is a marina in a protected bay. The Marina Burgtiefe is well equipped and offers good service and care options. Fehmarn is an ideal base for trips along the coast of Mecklenburg. It is also possible to discover the Kiel Bay from this point. In addition, you can explore the islands of the Danish South Sea. It is just a few nautical miles away and can be reached during a relaxed day trip.

Harbours and Marinas in the sailing area Fehmarn 

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  • Marina Burgtiefe


Airports nearby Germany Baltic Sea

  • Airport Luebeck
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Climate & Weather in Germany Baltic Sea

Fehmarn is one of the sunniest places in Germany and is often called "Sunny Island". The best time to sail is during the warmest months of the year. The season runs from May to September. In the summer months the weather remains fairly stable and the average wind speed is 3 to 4 Bft. Nevertheless, the weather can change suddenly and sometimes cause large waves. Caution is advised when the wind turns to the east. It is recommended to listen to the weather report regularly. Due to the continental east winds, the sea temperature cools quickly in autumn. In bitter winters the sea can freeze. Air and water temperatures are very low up until May.