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Schleswig Holstein

The kiel bay area is pretty easy to navigate. The charter season runs from May to September.

  • Well infrastructure
  • Modern Marinas
  • Many piers
  • Changeable weather conditions
  • Comprehensive buoyage
  • Easy navigation
  • Bath time: July and August

The Bay of Kiel is located off the coast of Schleswig Holstein in the German part of the Baltic Sea. It is surrounded by the Danish islands of Als, Ærø and Langeland in the north, the island of Fehmarn in the southeast and the mainland in the south and west. The Fehmarn Belt and the Fehmarn are connected with the Mecklenburg and Bay of Luebeck. Four smaller bays are set out in the Bay of Kiel: Kiel Fjord, Eckernfoerde Bay, the Loop and the Flensburg Fjord. There is a long tradition of sailing in this sea area. The Bay of Kiel is known for its various sailing events, including the "Kiel Week" regatta in June.

The coast of Schleswig Holstein has a well-developed sailing infrastructure for Yachtcharter Kiel Bay. There are a number of modern, well equipped marinas and harbors, many berths and a wide range of charter yachts. The small distances between piers allow for relaxed sailing in short stages. The Kiel Fjord has ports and investors in: Stickenhoern, Schwentine fleet / Plueschowbecken, Wik, Holtenau Schwentine, Moenkeberg, Moeltenort, Laboe, Schilksee, Damp and Wendtorf. In Eckernfoerde there is the port town of Kranzfelder, two marinas, a pier, the pier in Surendorf and the natural harbor in the Aschauer lagoon. In the loop there are marinas and harbors in: Schleswig, Missunde, Lindaunis, Arnis, Kappeln and Schleimuende. Sailors should take care in the narrow loop entrance as strong easterly winds can make the passage difficult. In addition, the bridge crossings at Lindaunis Kappeln should be treated with caution. Otherwise, Kiel Bay is a fairly easy sailing area. There are no tides and the currents are low, and there is a comprehensive system of buoys and lights. In the fjords, the water levels depend on the strength and direction of the wind. Easterly winds drive water into the bay and westerly winds push water out.

Airports nearby Schleswig Holstein

  • Airport Luebeck to Marina Wendtorf: 107 km, 1 hour and 27 minutes
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Climate & Weather in Schleswig Holstein

The sailing area has a temperate climate and the best time to sail in the Bay of Kiel is during the warmer, summer months between May and September. The average temperature in the summer is a mild 20 °C, and there are stable weather conditions with steady winds (3 to 4 Bft) at this time of year. However, the weather may change unexpectedly and sometimes lead to rough seas. If the wind turns to the east one should take care. It is necessary to monitor the weather report and wind forecasts regularly. In the autumn east winds rapidly cool the water. Winters can be severe and cause the water to freeze. The average temperature in winter is a cool -1 °C.