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Sardinia - Top Yacht Vacation Destination

Crystal Clear Waters, Excellent Italian Cuisine, Modern Marinas. Discover Sardinia!
The sailing season runs from April to October. On the Costa Smeralda there are many comfortable and modern marinas.

  • Sporting wind conditions
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Around Sardinia: 400 seamiles
Yacht Vacation Sardinia

About Sardinia:

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, 24,000 square meter, with about 1.6 million inhabitants. It belongs to Italy and is located 202 kilometers from the Italian mainland. It is separated from the French island of Corsica by the Strait of Bonifacio.

Capital of Sardinia is Cagliari in the south. Castello, the old town of Cagliari, is situated on a hill from which one can see magnificent views of the entire Gulf of Cagliari.

Other cities include: Sassari, Quartu Sant’Elena, Olbia, Alghero, Nuoro, Oristano, Carbonia, Selargius, and Iglesias.

Olbia airport is only 45 minutes away, so the Costa Smeralda is an ideal starting point for Yacht Charter Sardinia, or trips to the island of Corsica. Cagliari is also a possible starting point.

Inland Attraction:

The highest peak on the island is Punta La Marmora at 1834 meters in the Gennargentu Mountain range. Attractions include the Cathedral of Santa Maria di Castello, the Anfiteatro Romano, the Basilica and the Bastion San Remy.

Sardinia Coastline:

Sardinia has a coastline of 1,848 km that includes many small islands, rocky shores and white sand beaches. As a result it is a very popular destination for sailors, skippers, surfers, and other water sport enthusiasts for a long time.

The scenery and the sailing conditions in Sardinia provide a paradise for true yachtsmen. Sailing in Sardinian waters requires some experience and good navigational skills.

Popular coastal areas:

  • Northwest - Costa Smeralda
  • East - Costa Rei
  • Southwest - Costa Verde
  • North - Costa Paradiso
  • South - Costa de Sud

Route Suggestion

Beginning your trip from Marina di Portisco, we suggest sailing north to La Maddalena National Park. This is an excellent charter area that is still somewhat undiscovered. There are several absolutely beautiful islands to sail to and a first stop could be the island of Caprera... more

Sardinia hast Beautiful Beaches & Secret Places

Most Popular:

Emerald Beach (Costa Smeralda) between Palau and Olbia

Small, hidden bays:

Costa Paradiso between Isola Rossa and Portobello die Gallura, Calmer region: Costa Verde on the Golfo di Gonnesa

Livelier areas:

“King’s Coast”, between Punta di Santa Giusta and Capo Ferrato Costa de Sud is framed by Capo Teulada and the town Pula.

Other Coastal and beach towns with nice bathing opportunities and mooring available for sport boats: are Arabatx by Tortoli, San Teodoro, Budino, Capo Comino near Sinsicola, Berchidda, Cala Libretto.
Bays accessible by water: Porto Quao, Cala Biriola, Costa di Cala Sisine, Costa di Cala Luna, Costa Goloritze, Costa di Cala Marilu, and Cala Gonone on the Golfo di Orosei.

Marinas, Harbors and Cities around Sardinia 

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Along the Sardinian coast there are almost 40 marinas, many ports, and anchorages. In the north-east of the island, Sardinia has an excellent infrastructure with modern and comfortable marinas.

Most of which are in the:

Northeast - Golfo Aranci near Olbia and Palau
South - Caligari.

Other marinas and moorings are in:

Alghero, Fertilia, Porto Conte, Stintino, Porto Torres, Castesardo, Santa Teresa di Gallura, La Maddalena, Cannigione, Poltu Quatu, Porto Cervo, Portisco, Porto Rotondo, Punta Marana, Baia Caddinas, Puntaldia, Porto Ottiolu, La Caletta, Porto Corallo, Capitana, Su Siccu, Perd’e Sali, Cala Verde, Sant’Antioco, Carloforte, Portoscuso, Buggerro, Oristano, and Bosa.

In addition, bays like the Aquarium or Rondinara are good alternatives for anchorage.

Airports nearby Sardinia

  • Alghero Airport to Alghero: 10 km, 20 minutes
  • Cagliari Airport to Carloforte: 84,7 km, 2 hours and 5 minutes
  • Cagliari Airport to Marina Sant' Elmo: 10,7 km, 16 minutes
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport to Cannigione: 30,8 km, 35 minutes
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport to Portisco: 19,2 km, 27 minutes
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport to Santa Teresa Gallura: 62,9 km, 1 hour and 5 minutes
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport to Olbia: 6,4 km, 12 minutes
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Climate & Weather in Sardinia

Sardinia has a Mediterranean climate and experiences hot summers and mild winters. In spring and autumn, temperatures are pleasantly warm. There is a lot of sunshine and little rain. The best time for sailing is from April or May to September or October. The area offers ideal weather, but strong winds can occur. On the northern and western coast of Sardinia the winds are fairly constant. The Mistral can occur from west and the hot Sirocco that comes from the south/southeast, can create sport sailing conditions. The nozzle effect occurs between Corsica and Sardinia in the Strait of Bonifacio, and the wind speed increases by 1 to 2 Bft. On the south coast circulating winds predominate. The east coast is dominated by south/ southeast winds.

Water Sports Tips in Sardinia: Sailing, Fishing, Surfing, Diving

With its many picturesque grottos and rocky shores, Sardinia is a beloved and highly regarded destination for divers.
Northwest Capo Caccia - has numerous tunnels and caves.
Olbia - dive among the ruins of a crashed plane.
Northeast - Capo d’Orso
North - Capo Testa
Grotta del Bue Marino in the Golfo di Orosei
Grotta di Nettuno in Alghero.
Capo Caccia - Nature Preserve
West (Sinis peninsula) - Capo Teulada and Isla Rossa

Restricted Areas: allowed but with restrictions, due to nature conservancy efforts.
La-Maddalena-Archipel national park, around the small Asinara and Mal di Ventre islands.
Punta Coda Cavallo peninsula with its two islands Tavolara and Molara.