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Atlantic Coastline - US Atlantic Coast

The US Atlantic Ocean Coastline is a vast and varied place, offering a wide range of sailing and charter experiences from capital cities to tropical reefs.

  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Variety of landscapes
  • Modern marinas
  • Year-round sailing in the south

From the balmy year-round summers of the Florida Keys to the buzzing metropolitan island of Manhattan, the charter areao of the US Atlantic Coastline has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re looking for tropical islands, national parks, city highlife, or peaceful fishing towns, chartering a yacht on the east coast will allow you to discover some of the greatest experiences America has to offer.

As the original gateway to immigrants traveling to the US by ship, New York City has always had sailing as part of its history. The city is surrounded by water, and the numerous bays and waterways offer an entirely new vantage point from which to experience the iconic skyline. Whether it’s the unique structure of the Brooklyn Bridge or the burning torch of the Statue of Liberty, traveling by boat will afford you a proximity and experience no other transport can match. You can also dock at one of the city’s many marinas to climb the Empire State, get your fix of modern art at MOMA, or head to 5th avenue for a shopping extravaganza.
With over 8 million inhabitants in the city, the waters around New York can get extremely busy. Avoid the main shipping lines and ferry ports, and use channels 13 and 16 to communicate with commercial vessels. There are plenty of marinas suitable for yachts throughout the five boroughs, including North Cove in Downtown Manhattan and West 79th Street Boat Basin on the Upper West Side.

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South of New York City is Chesapeake Bay, one of the world’s largest estuaries at 200 miles long and up to 30 miles wide. A charter boat is the best way to explore the varied topography and unique ecosystems that coexist here, while taking time to sample the famous Maryland blue crabs. There are marinas throughout the bay, from the city of Baltimore to the small fishing community of Tangier Island.
With clear, tropical waters heated year-round by the flow of the Gulf Stream, the Florida Keys is a yachter’s paradise. The archipelago contains over 1700 islands surrounded by the only living coral reefs in North America, home to an abundance of vibrant sea creatures. The best time to sail is from December until June. At this time, vision can reach several nautical miles, allowing views of distant islands and making traversing the coral reefs easier—though sailors should still take care to avoid damaging any of the living infrastructure. Sailing in winter or spring also avoids the harsh Atlantic winds that can strike in hurricane season, which occurs between June 1st and November 30th.

Fort Lauderdale—the “Venice of America”—is an ideal place to charter a yacht to start your exploration. Home to 100 harbors and interlaced with a network of canals, sailing reaches to the very heart of the city. Its position on the east coast of Florida not only offers yachters easy access to the Keys and the stunning Everglades National Park, but also a prime position to head south-east towards the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. Further south still are the sublime waters of the Caribbean, where trade winds and a tropical climate make for ideal yachting conditions. Visitors can explore the popular Lesser Antilles, home to palm trees, turquoise waters, and kilometer after kilometer of pure white sand. The infrastructure surrounding the Virgin Islands is particularly good, with excellent facilities and easy navigation around the islands. Chartering a yacht from Puerto Rico will also offer access to this area of unspoiled natural beauty.


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Marinas and ports in the United States Atlantic Ocean coastlines. 

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  • North Cove Marina (New York City, NY)
  • Liberty Landing Marina (New York City, NY)
  • Key West Marina (Key West, FL)
  • Lauderdale Marina (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
  • Puerto del Rey Marina (Puerto Rico, USVI)
  • Crown Bay Marina (US Virgin Islands)
  • Yacht Haven Marina (US Virgin Islands)


Airports nearby US Atlantic Coast

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York)
  • Key West International Airport (Florida Keys)
  • Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (Florida)
  • Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (Puerto Rico)
  • Rafael Hernández International Airport (Puerto Rico)
  • Cyril E. King Airport (US Virgin Islands)
  • Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (US Virgin Islands)
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Climate & Weather in US Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast features a number of different climates. In the north, New York City sees freezing winters, mild springs and autumns, and hot, humid summers. Meanwhile, the Florida Keys, in the aptly named Sunshine State, enjoy tropical weather all year round. From June until October, the climate is hot, wet and humid, while the other months are slightly cooler and drier. Sailing visibility is best from December until June. The Caribbean has a tropical to subtropical climate, with year-round sunshine and average temperatures of 25º. The waters are warm—averaging up to 30º—and trade winds blow steadily from the northeast. Many sailors avoid the Caribbean and Florida Keys during August and September, the hurricane season.