Plan your trip step by step and it will be a perfect one! - Your first cruise guide.

1. Decide on a suitable location and boat according to your requirements.

Where to go for boating? - our suggestions for your charter destinations -  you're sure to discover something new and exciting.

Which boat - Crewed or Bareboat? Our guide helps you to decide which boat is the best for your charter

2. Learn if you need to obtain a boating license or a visa, and find out the medical requirements for the country you are travelling to. 

3. Browse through more then 16,000 yachts and Book online with - it's easy!

You are not sure how it works? Here you can find short instruction How to book a boat online.

4. Collect all the travel information you need with regards to transfers and reaching the marina from the airport. It's easy to manage if you know some details in advance.

e.g. How many crew members you are, how would you like to get to your charter boat, do you need skipper or some water toys. what else do you need for your charter holiday.


Please let us know what we can do for you to make your yacht holiday perfect!


5. If you already know which sailing route you would like to take, make sure you are aware of the harbors, anchorages and safe sailing areas on your route. If you need some insipiration, we select some Itinerary suggestions for you!

6. If you are not sure what else you possibly need, feel free to check and print off some usefull checklists for your yacht charter: boating resume, crew list, ships log, logbook, safety briefing, SOS radio call, shopping lists, transfer papers and nautical control panel

7. Check the local climate and weather conditions. Depends on where you booked your boating holiday, you can find some helpfull tourist informations on our charter destination pages

8. Make sure you have packed all the necessary items and documents

9. When you arrive at the marina, receive all the correct instructions and safety briefings


10. Look at the compass and... have a great time on board. Set sail!

11. During the trip check water, electricity, fuel and food levels regularly

12. Remember to update your logbook daily

13. When you return to the marina, confirm that you have returned the boat in good order and that there are no problems or outstanding costs


You are not sure if we miss something? Check our Yacht Charter Guide!.

Yacht Charter Guide