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Adriatic Sea

From Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia to Croatia and Italy.

The Adriatic Sea is the northernmost part of the Mediterranean, and has coasts on the countries of Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia. It is a particularly beautiful part of the Mediterranean and is home to many attractive tourist destinations. Medieval towns and indented coastlines are characteristic of the Adriatic. There are around 1,300 islands in the Adriatic, over 1,000 of which belong to Croatia. Croatia is the most popular sailing area in the Adriatic, and many islands can be reached from the charter bases in Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Biograd na Moru, Sibenik and Trogir. In Italy, the northern Adriatic coast includes Venice, Trieste, Ravenna and Rimini, and the southern Italian Adriatic includes the harbors of Otranto, Vieste, Bari, Brindisi and Manfredonia. The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro and the harbors of Portoroz and Izola in Slovenia are also possible starting points for Yachtcharter Adriatic.

The predominant winds in the Adriatic are the Bura, the Jugo and the Maestral. The Bura is a north-westerly wind that blows from the land towards the sea. It dramatically improves visibility as it is accompanied by sunny and clear weather. However, it can blow in short bursts that bring sea dust and choppy waves. The Jugo blows from the south west, and is a warm and humid wind that comes from the sea towards the land. It mostly occurs during spring and autumn and is followed by rain and a humid atmosphere. The Jugo creates long, flat waves and can enable sailors to reach high speeds. The Maestral occurs during summer in the Adriatic, and blows from the north west during the day and creates stable conditions, perfect for relaxed sailing. It also has a cooling effect as it brings cool, sea air to land.

Airports nearby Adriatic Sea

  • Marco Polo International Airport, Venice
  • Zadar Airport, Croatia
  • Split Airport, Croatia
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Climate & Weather in Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The sailing season runs from May to October, when temperatures are between 25 and 35 °C. Areas in southern and central Adriatic have hotter climates, whereas conditions in the north are slightly cooler and more humid. The surface water temperatures range between 12 °C in winter and 24 °C in summer.